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Baby Brilliant

Explore the alphabet by moving your mouse over a letter. Watch the letters come to life!


Baby with BookBB_logoEvery child ready to read, ready to learn. Libraries aspire to these ideals.

Librarians at the Public Library of Youngstown and Mahoning County have worked with parents and babies for years and have now expanded their efforts through the Baby Brilliant project.

Parents can learn how to help their babies and toddlers discover important skills at an early age so they will become good readers and more successful in school.

Studies indicate that brain development during the first three years of life significantly affects a child’s educational success. Through the "Baby Brilliant" project, the Library offers special programs and kits to help parents and caregivers learn the techniques to spur early brain development and make babies better readers and more successful students. 

The Library’s Baby Brilliant program has the following priorities:  

  • Increasing community awareness of the importance of Early Literacy and the significance of the Library’s work in influencing a child’s development.
  • Loaning developmentally appropriate collections in kits and providing procedures and methods for their effective use, to help parents, childcare providers and educators with their Early Literacy efforts.
  • Training childcare providers and parents in use of these resources and techniques to strengthen Early Literacy in our community.
  • Partnering with other community organizations with similar interests.

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