Email reference is offered to provide brief, factual answers or to provide suggestions to help you find the information you need. Responses are usually sent within two business days. Use the form below to ask a question via email. You may also call the library at 330.744.8636 and ask for the Information Services Department. You may also call or visit any of our locations in Mahoning County. (Click here for the library's policy concerning genealogical research.)

Legal/Medical Questions - Specific questions of a legal or medical nature will be answered by quoting from appropriate print or electronic resources. Legal revisions and medical developments occur daily and the library cannot guarantee the currency of material found. Answering such questions does not imply that our staff possesses legal/medical skills, training or knowledge. Interpretation, evaluation or advice will not be offered. This service is designed to provide general information. The provider is not engaged in rendering legal, medical or other professional services. The information should not be utilized as a substitute for professional services.

If you require an immediate response to your question, we participate in the Know It Now live online reference service where librarians from participating Ohio libraries answer reference questions via chat.

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