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  • How to Make Your Baby Brilliant!  

    Learningtoread-headerParents, Grandparents, Caregivers: Watch the Video and Try These Techniques to Help Your Little One Become a Better Reader

    Early Literacy Skills are developed each time a child listens to a story. Reading to children helps them acquire the skills they need before they can learn to read. Watch as our librarians demonstrate these skills in the videos on this page.

    Discovering Stories - Tell stories together, encourage pretend play, let your child be a storyteller.

    Discovering Print - Help your child discover how to hold a book and turn the pages.

    Discovering Words - Teach your child the specific names of things, like vegetables at the grocery store.

    Discovering Letters - Help your child identify the first letter in his or her name and find it in books, on street signs and package labels.

    Discovering Books - Find books that speak to your child's interest and share them often.

    Discovering Sounds - Sing songs, play games and share rhymes to help your child play with the smaller sounds in words.