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 Meeting Room Rules and Regulations - printable pdf file  (slow download)

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Meeting Room Fees

Austintown, Boardman, Main, Newport Large Room-A & Poland
Nonprofit, civic and community organizations (during library hours)


Mahoning County*

All others

First 3 consecutive hours** $0 $40
Each additional hour** $20 $30
Social events/private parties (e.g., showers, birthdays, receptions), non-public business events, and all off-hours events


Mahoning County*

All others

Hourly rate ** $35 $50
(2-hour minimum, consecutive hours)            
Brownlee Woods, Campbell, East, Newport Small Room-B, Struthers, and Tri-Lakes
Nonprofit, civic and community organizations (during library hours)


Mahoning County*

All others

Up to one day             $0 $25
Social events/private parties (e.g., showers, birthdays, receptions), and non-public business events


Mahoning County*

All others

Hourly rate** $10 $25
(2-hour minimum, consecutive hours)          

IMPORTANT: The hours you book must include time to set up/clear the room. You will only be allowed in the room during scheduled hours. 

* For Mahoning County residents, or organizations and businesses located in Mahoning County.

** Rates are calculated per calendar day; this is important where minimums apply. Use of the room for any portion of an hour requires payment for the full hour. Failure to follow rules and regulations can result in penalties.

Security Services: Qualifying bookings, such as events with attendance of 50 or over and Off-Hours Events, require  Security Services, at a fee of $15 per hour for the hours booked, with a minimum booking of two hours.



Meeting Rooms at the Library are available according to the current rules and regulations. (Click on link at the top of this page for a printable PDF of the rules and regulations.)  Room capacity varies by location. All rooms have tables and chairs which must be arranged by those reserving the room.   

Capacity for meeting rooms is as follows:

Austintown Library...........................................125
Boardman Library............................................125
Brownlee Woods Library...................................20
Campbell Library...............................................18
East, chairs only................................................72
East, tables and chairs......................................60
Main Library.......................................................54
Newport Large Room-A, chairs only.................132
Newport Large Room-A, tables & chairs............72
Newport Small Room-B, chairs only.................. 15
Newport Small Room-B, tables & chairs............. 8
Poland Library.................................................100
Struthers Library...............................................20

The following rules & regulations apply:

*  Scheduling of meetings is based on room availability, with the library’s needs and hours as major factors.  Library-related activities will take precedence in scheduling the room.  For reasons such as limited parking, the Library reserves the right to restrict meeting room scheduling during peak periods of library use.

*  Room use limited to educational, intellectual, charitable, recreational, social, and cultural programs. Such programs (if open to the general public) cannot be of a commercial nature.  No sales or soliciting allowed by any group using the meeting rooms. 

  NONPROFIT, CIVIC, COMMUNITY or CHARITABLE ORGANIZATIONS: May use library meeting rooms for purposes which comply with meeting room rules and regulations at a special rate. No sales or soliciting allowed.

INDIVIDUALS may use library meeting rooms for private parties such as birthdays, showers, and receptions. No sales or soliciting allowed. 

BUSINESS use is limited to non-public, in-house events only, such as staff training. No sales or soliciting allowed.

*  Events open to the public, such as workshops and seminars, with a business presenter, are strictly prohibited, even if educational in nature.

*  IMPORTANT:  Meetings, programs or events scheduled in Library Meeting Rooms must not be used in any way to gather names, solicit or make referrals to any other business or organization.   No fees can be charged to and no contributions solicited from those attending meetings, programs or events in Library Meeting Rooms.

*   Meeting rooms may be used during library hours with this exception: meeting rooms close 30 minutes before the library closes. 

*   Generally, meeting rooms should be booked at least one month prior to the event, but no earlier than one year to the day prior.  Meeting rooms are primarily intended for a single meeting or brief series of meetings.  Arrangements may be made for non-profit, civic, community and charitable organizations to reserve space for regularly scheduled meetings so long as such bookings are made no more than one year in advance, no more often than once per month and do not prohibit use of a meeting room by other groups.

*   Arrangements for use of the meeting room are scheduled through a librarian. The meeting room must be booked in person.  Payment is due at the time of booking.   NO EXCEPTIONS.

*   Renter acknowledges that they will inform the Library of any changes to the original rental application or subsequent applications as soon as they become aware of the need to amend the same.

*   Use of meeting rooms does not constitute Library sponsorship and/or endorsement.  PLEASE NOTE:    Any publicized meeting notice MUST state the following:  “This event is located at (insert branch name) Library; the Library is not sponsoring or participating in this event.”  Additionally, the Library’s telephone number may not be used in promotion or for any purpose.

*   Smoking and alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited.

*  A small kitchenette is available at some locations. At libraries with a designated caterer, if the caterer is not used, only light refreshments and/or non-alcoholic beverages may be served. Examples of light refreshments: milk, water, juice, pastries, fruit, pretzels, chips, cookies, or similar items.  Note: Foods prepared off site by licensed caterers, restaurants and grocery stores, such as sandwich trays or packaged meals are not considered light refreshments.

*   The room must be left in the condition in which it was found.

*   The organization/person reserving the meeting room is responsible for any and all damages.

*   The Library is not responsible for accidents and injuries and assumes no responsibility for equipment, supplies, or other items owned by a group or individual & used or left in the Library.

*   Meeting rooms used by minors must be with adult supervision and must be reserved by an adult who shall be personally responsible for the conduct of the meeting, adherence to regulations and payment of any fees or damages.

*   The Library reserves the right to refuse or cancel any reservation at any time if the meeting room is needed for Library maintenance or programming or to preserve public health or safety.

*   Please Note: Parking is limited at Library locations. 

* NOISE LEVELS AND MUSIC: During hours the library is open, unreasonable noise disruptive to patrons or library operations is prohibited. Noise level in the rooms  must be at a volume deemed acceptable by staff in a library setting. Recorded background music may be played at a level deemed acceptable by staff in a library setting. Bands and DJ’s are prohibited.

 *   Decorations which do not damage any portion of the room are allowed.  Please note:  no lit candles, no Sterno (except under supervision of licensed caterer) or similar flammable liquids, no taping to walls or other surfaces, no helium balloons, no confetti, no live animals.

*   To be eligible for refund in the case of cancellation, reservations must be cancelled at least 48 hours before event.  See Cancellation instructions in this brochure.

*   Some meeting room equipment may be available for public use in some locations. Check with Library staff.

*   LCD projectors and Library Internet connections are not available to the public.  Patrons planning an audiovisual presentation must provide their own computer and projector. Patrons are permitted to use WiFi if available in the meeting room. Please note that not all meeting rooms have a WiFi connection.

*    The designated time that the renter enters and leaves the room must be adhered to and must include time for the renter to set up prior to the event and to clean up after the event ensuring that the room is ready for the next rental party or for library closing.

*   When a room is booked with no fee and will not be used, failure to cancel the reservation 48 hours in advance may result in a fee or renter may forfeit the privilege of using the room in the future.

*   The Library reserves the right to impose a penalty for failure to comply with meeting room rules and regulations.


Unexpected Closings
PLEASE NOTE:  On rare occasions, the library is forced to close unexpectedly due to situations such as severe weather or emergencies.  In this event, regrettably, activities scheduled in the meeting room must also be cancelled.  A full refund will be issued if such an instance occurs.

A 50% refund of room rate will be issued if the patron cancels the room at least 48 hours prior to event.  To cancel, contact the library where the room was booked. Any refund due will be mailed to the Renter.

"OFF-Hours" Use of Meeting Room
The Poland meeting room and the Newport-A (large) meeting room  may be available before or after hours. “Off-Hours” use applies to times when the library is closed or outside of the Meeting Room’s regular hours.

“Off-Hours” use of the room follows the rules and fee schedules in this flyer, with these additional stipulations.

To qualify for use of the meeting room when the library is closed or after the meeting room’s regular hours, the following off-hours rules apply:

  •  All off-hour events must be catered by Chapters Cafe operators: 1) events at Poland Library MUST BE catered by Kravitz Delicatessen at Poland Library; 2) events at Newport Library MUST BE catered by New Seasonings @Chapters Cafe.
  • A security guard is required.
  • There is no free time booked for off-hours events.
  • The Library retains the right of approval of each request for Off-Hours use of a Library meeting room.
  • No event may run past 11 p.m.

Food & Fun at the Library!

Kravitz Delicatessen 
at Poland Library

311 S. Main St.
Poland, OH 44514
To arrange catering:  330.757.2330

One Hot Cookie at Austintown Library
600 S. Raccoon Rd.
Austintown, OH 44515
Phone: 330-651-8614

Visit the Friends of the Library Bookstore and Gift Shop located in the lower level of Poland Library.
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