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ACEEE: Residential Sector: Homes & Appliances
The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy has provided useful resources and consumer guides for saving energy in your home and with your appliances.

 Consumer Reports On Appliances
The Consumer Reports website provides detailed information on purchasing major appliances as well as providing their ratings on these products.

Consumer Search
Sums up product reviews from numerous print and online sources, reviews the reviewers as to qualifications and testing criteria, provides short and long reviews, and provides a bibliography of sources consulted.

Energy Efficient Appliances
Learn to shop for these major purchases by factoring in their energy efficiency. Provides tips on how to evaluate appliances before making the decision.

Energy Efficient Appliances- A Guide To Purchasing
An overview on the purchase of energy efficient appliances and home electronic products, from the National Resources Defense Council. Also available in Spanish.

Energy Efficient Tax Credits
The Alliance to Save Energy and the U.S. Department of Energy provide information on how purchases of energy efficient items (automotive and home) result in tax credits. Also available in Spanish.

Energy Savers Home Page
"Saving Energy Saves You Money - When you throw away money on wasted electricity, you're throwing away everything you could have bought with it. The Department of Energy is partnering with Ad Council to show you how taking a few simple energy saving steps can help you save money in the long run." You will find links to many energy saving & money saving resources here for the entire home -- from appliances through house design and even landscaping.

Energy Star Qualified Appliances
When you consider the purchase of a major appliance, consider its energy efficiency. Learn about the ENERGY STAR designation on appliances, and learn how the designation can save you money. Click on links for individual appliance information.

Guidebook to Energy Efficient Appliances
Includes links to articles about buying energy efficient products and links to the databases listing energy efficient appliances and other household goods.

Owners Manuals and Product Manuals from ManageMyLife.com
Search by brand, product, or model number to find manuals.  There is also much more to this site. "Manage My Life is the easy way to get everything done. We've got 5 simple ways to help do the things that matter to you: track to-dos; keep tabs on your stuff; ask experts questions; plan projects; and check out smart ideas."