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Life insurance quotes, car insurance quotes, health insurance quotes, and more.

Insurance Company Research
The Ohio Department of Insurance provides links to financial data and independent ratings of insurance companies. The department also provides a list of insurance companies that are authorized to transact business in Ohio.

Key Information On Insurance Companies
The National Association of Insurance Commissioners provides a way to access information about an insurance company before your decision to purchase a policy. Find key information, including closed complaints, licensing information and financial data, through its Consumer Information Source.

Ohio Department Of Insurance Complaint Data
The Ohio Department of insurance “publishes complaint ratio data on an annual basis after receiving premium information for the previous year from Ohio insurance companies”. Check out an insurance company for the complaints of its customers.

Ohio Insurance Institute
The Ohio Insurance Institute's members include leading domestic, regional and national P/C insurance companies, trade groups and related organizations. Its primary objective: To help Ohioans achieve a better understanding of insurance and related safety issues. 

Insurance - Automobile

Automobile Insurance Basics And Beyond
The Insurance Information Institute provides links to automobile insurance basics, buying a policy, and filing claims.

Shop & Save Tips From The Ohio Insurance Institute
The Ohio Insurance Institute provides tips on how to generate savings on your automobile insurance without compromising your insurance needs.

Shopper's Guide to Auto Insurance
Link to an Ohio Department of Insurance online publication that provides information on different types of coverage provided by automobile insurance policies. Its thirty-two pages include complaint information, sample company premiums, shopping tips and more.

State Of Ohio Coverage Requirements For Automobile Insurance
Learn about the financial responsibility of the automobile owner as required by the State of Ohio.

Insurance - Health 

AARP-Medicare, Health Insurance, Medicaid, Part D Doughnut Hole, Prescription Drug Coverage
Find links to helpful guides for all of the above and more.

Choosing a Medigap Policy
This guide helps people with Medicare understand Medigap policies. This can also be called Medicare Supplement Insurance.  To find what Medigap policies are available in your area, click here.

Consumer Reports Health: Health Insurance Ratings and Information
“We create unbiased health ratings to help you make informed decisions.”

A Guide to Health Insurance
The Ohio Department of Insurance provides a guide to understanding health insurance and the process for purchasing it.

Health Insurance and Women
The National Women’s Health Information Center provides information on health insurance, including information specific to the needs of women.

Learn about insurance options, coverage, and consumer rights under the new Affordable Care Act effective September 23, 2010.

HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)
This federal law improves the portability and continuity of health insurance coverage. It provides new rights and protections for participants and beneficiaries enrolled in group health plans. Check this website for information that may impact your coverage.

Insure Kids Now
InsureKidsNow.gov provides information about Medicaid and CHIP services for families who need health insurance coverage. These programs are designed to be affordable for families who are not able to afford health insurance coverage in the private market or do not have coverage available to them.

Official U.S. site for Medicare, with information on enrollment, eligibility, coverage, and claims.  To find what Medicare plans are currently available, click here.

Ohio Medicaid
Official Ohio site for Ohio's public health care program, with information on enrollment, eligibility, coverage, and more.

Ohio’s Health Coverage Tax Credit (HCTC) Program
The State of Ohio has recently implemented the federal Health Coverage Tax Credit (HCTC) Program. The program pays “up to 65 percent of the cost of qualified health coverage for eligible Ohioans who have lost their jobs or pension benefits due to economic changes related to foreign trade issues”. Check this website for details about the program, including qualifications for coverage.

Ohio Senior Heath Insurance Information Program--click here for a description of their services.

Purchasing Health Insurance
Basic and beyond information on purchasing health insurance from the Insurance Information Institute.

Stop Medicare Fraud
Tools, announcements, and information from the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services and U.S. Department of Justice on fighting and reporting Medicare fraud.

US News.com: Top Health Insurance Companies
Find best health insurance companies nationwide or by state, plus informative articles on shopping for a plan.

Insurance - Home & Rental

10 Things You Should Know About Purchasing Home Insurance
Research ten basic areas before you purchase your home insurance. These tips are brought to you by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

12 Ways To Lower Your Homeowners Insurance Costs
Walk through these 12 steps from the Insurance Information Institute and find ways to save on your home insurance. Additional links to consumer information on home insurance is available.

Am I Covered? Home Insurance Questions Answered
The Insurance Information Institute Explains what is covered in a standard homeowners policy…. and what is not. Find the gaps in coverage in your policy and how to correct the situation.

Flood Insurance Policies – Yes? No?
Explore the many links from the website of the National Flood Insurance Program to learn about this type of insurance protection for your home.

Home Insurance Reviews from Consumer Reports
Consumer Reportsinformation on purchasing homeowners insurance.

How To Save Money On Homeowners Insurance - Ohio Insurance Institute

Insurance For Your Home And Possessions
Protect your home and possessions with these tips from the Insurance Information Institute.

Tips For Purchasing Home Or Rental Insurance
Can't have enough tips when we make this all-important decision, and the federal government's Consumer Action Website adds to the mix.

Insurance - Life

Equity-Indexed Annuities: A Complex Choice (FINRA INVESTOR ALERT)
Equity-Indexed Annuities are anything but easy to understand. One of the most confusing features of an EIA is the method used to calculate the gain in the index to which the annuity is linked. Before you buy an EIA, you should understand the various features of this investment and be prepared to ask your insurance agent, broker, financial planner, or other financial professional lots of questions about whether an EIA is right for you.

Should You Exchange Your Life Insurance Policy? (FINRA INVESTOR ALERT)
If you own a life insurance policy, you may have been approached to exchange it for another new policy. You need to know that even though the tax laws make the exchange income tax free and the new policy may appear better to you, you may be losing - not gaining - if you make the exchange.

Should You Exchange Your Variable Annuity? (FINRA INVESTOR ALERT)
If you have a life insurance or annuity contract, you may have been approached to exchange it for a new model, one with better or the latest features. You need to know that even though tax law makes the exchange income tax free and the new contract may sound better for you, you may be losing – not gaining – if you make the exchange.

What You Should Know About Buying Life Insurance
The American Council of Life Insurers (ACLI) has provided information on the purchase of life insurance for the federal government’s consumer information link.

What You Should Know about Life Settlements (FINRA INVESTOR ALERT)
Lately, more and more seniors are hearing about opportunities to sell their existing life insurance for cash in transactions known as life settlements. A life settlement, or senior settlement, as they are sometimes called, involves selling an existing life insurance policy to a third party—a person or an entity other than the company that issued the policy—for more than the policy's cash surrender value, but less than the net death benefit. Learn more….


 Insurance – Long Term Care/Nursing Home/Assisted Living

5 Ways to Cover Assisted Living Expenses
From Bankrate.com, learn what you can do to help with these expenses; plus, there’s a link to compare long-term care insurance rates.

Assisted Living Federation of America: Senior Living Options
Here you will find the following links with information: Choosing a Community, Assessing Senior Living Costs, Consumer Protection for Seniors, and Lifestyle & Amenities.

CNN Money: Is Long Term Care Insurance Worth the Price?
Read this article to find out.

CNN Money: When to Get Long Term Care Insurance
It can be a great way to protect your heirs – or a giant waste of your savings. Here’s how to tell which.

Long-Term Care Consumer Guide
View family and resident surveys for nursing homes and residential care facilities in Ohio courtesy of the Ohio Department of Aging. 

National clearinghouse for long term care information provided by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.  For LTC insurance information, click here.  

Medicare.gov: Paying for Nursing Home Care
Brief article on how to pay for a nursing home, includes additional links about nursing homes.

Ohio Assisted Living Association: Find an Assisted Living Community in Ohio
"In an effort to assist you in finding the appropriate Assisted Living Community for yourself, your family member, or your loved one, the Ohio Assisted Living Association would like to provide you with some helpful resources." 

Ohio Guide to Long Term Care Insurance
Provided by the Ohio Department of Insurance, this guide includes a comparison of monthly premiums from various insurance companies and also consumer complaint ratios for long term care insurance companies.

Shopper's Guide to Long Term Care Insurance
An informative guide provided by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC).  Additional information can be found by clicking here.

US News.com: 7 Tips for Buying Long-Term Care Insurance
The polices are complicated and the timing is tricky, but they may be a sound purchase for some.

Veterans Care Coordination
Veterans Care Coordination assists veterans, their spouses or surviving spouses in obtaining money to pay for: Home Care, Assisted Living, and Nursing Home Care.