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Local Courts

Campbell Municipal Court 
The City of Campbell Municipal Court includes the court rules, fees, and a court records search. 

Canfield Mayor's Court
The Canfield Mayor's Court handles traffic offenses and other misdemeanors.  The site includes a list of fees and information about the court process.

Mahoning County Domestic Relations Court 
The Domestic Relations Court grants divorces, determines child support, deals with issues of domestic violence, and paternity.  Their website includes a variety of forms, information about pertinent laws, and links to helpful agencies.

Mahoning County Integrated Justice System 
This site includes information about civil and criminal cases from the Mahoning County Common Pleas Court and the Domestic Relations Court, as well as a link to the Youngstown Municipal Court Case Search and the Sebring Warrant list.

Mahoning County Probate Case Search 
The Probate Court case search enables the user to search cases handled by the Probate Court, such as conservatorships, trusts, guardianships, and marriage licenses.  Confidential matters such as adoption, civil commitments, and estate tax forms after 1990 are not available.

Mahoning County Probate Court 
The Probate Court handles a variety of cases, including adoptions, wills, changes of names, marriage licenses, and certain trusts. There are links to forms relating to the work of the court, and there is also a link to the case search for the Probate Court.

Struthers Municipal Court 
The Struthers Municipal Court website offers contact information and enables users to search court records.

Youngstown Municipal Court 
The Youngstown Municipal Court presides over both civil and criminal proceedings of various types.  The court also administers the Youngstown Municipal Housing Court, the Suspended License Intervention Program, and the Veterans Court.  This website allows users to access the Youngstown Municipal Court case records search.