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Blocked from Using the Library? Need a Second Chance?
Ask about a Conditional Card!

colorful booksWe know that life happens and sometimes circumstances make it difficult to pay Extended Use Fees at the Library. Because the Library has a fiscal responsibility to the public, it is important that Extended Use Fees be collected. But in order to CONNECT our customers to Library services when they are blocked, the Library is offering a “Conditional Card.”

Customers who owe the library between $10 and $300 can be issued a Conditional Library Card if they wish to begin using the library and library services while they are making payments on their account.

A parent may apply for conditional cards for multiple children. However, the same conditions apply for each card. Library policy prohibits the use of a conditional card to borrow materials for other members of the family.


• The customer owes between $10 and $300.

• An initial payment of at least $5 (or 10% of the total if the amount owed is less than $50).

• At least 10% of the total balance must be paid within the first 60 days.

• At least one payment of $1 or more must be made during each 60-day period.

• The full balance must be paid within two years, which equates to 12 payment periods.

• The customer may only borrow a maximum of 10 items.

• If the customer accrues a replacement charge at any time during the two-year period, the Conditional Card status will be revoked. Reasonable extended use fees are permitted but are added to the total balance that must be paid within the two-year period.