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This site has the Audubon Guides to plants and animals, ecards, newsletters, bird audio, Expert Naturalist, night sky guide, species Lifelists, over 4000 color photographs, and nature discussions. It also has useful regional guides which include Mahoning County. 

Energy Information Administration 
This site provides a wealth of information on energy of all types, including petroleum, solar, coal and alternative fuels. Look for the K-12 kid's page with science projects and a comparison of US retail gas prices across the country.

The American Association for the Advancement of Science site has links to current hot topics by subject.

Frank Potter's Science Gems
This site contains subject links to all sorts of science information. Teachers will like the lesson plans; students in search of ideas for science projects will find lots of ideas here.

Heartland Science: Ohio's Legacy of Discovery & Innovation 
Heartland Science provides summaries of the scientific accomplishments of Ohioans or Ohio organizations in a variety of areas, including aviation, medicine, and energy. 

How Stuff Works 
A well-designed and informative site with explanations of how everyday things work.

Making Science Make Sense 
This is a useful site primarily devoted to chemistry, but other information is available as well. There are some experiments and basic definitions of scientific fields of study.

Nova Online 
NOVA includes the transcripts of their varied broadcasts on a number of different subjects, including animals, health, space, and anthropology, as well as classroom ideas for teachers.

Ohio Academy of Science 
This site provides information on State Science Day.

Science Blogging Aggregated
This is your one-stop shop for the most recent science blogs.

Science News.org 
Produced by the same organization that publishes Science News magazine, this web site features a lot of up-to-date scientific information on a wide variety of subjects.

This gateway to government science information allows searches across 30 databases and more than 1,700 science Web sites. Science.gov accesses over 47 million pages of government science information and allows users to search the surface Web as well as the Deep Web where traditional search engines cannot go. The information is free and no registration is required.

Science 360
Sponsored by the National Science Foundation, Science 360 has a collection of brief videos on a variety of scientific subjects. The site is searchable by subject, series, and general topic. A Science News Service is also included. 

Scientific American's Ask the Experts 
Scientific questions and answers are organized into nine subject areas. Answers, provided by experts in the appropriate field, are soundly grounded and often link to other resources.

This online catalog provides the scientist, engineer, and science aware citizen with easy access to key government web sites.

The Why Files 
The Why Files use news and current events as springboards to explore science, health, environment and technology.

This gateway site allows searching of national and international scientific databases from one location.