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For more information on e-filing taxes, visit the IRS web site at efile Partners for Taxpayers or the Ohio Department of Taxation's Ohio ePayment site.

Federal Forms and Instructions from the IRS

Federal Publications and Notices from the IRS

Ohio Benefit Bank
The Ohio Benefit Bank (OBB) helps low and moderate-income folks prepare and electronically file their federal and state income tax returns.

Ohio Homestead Exemption Program
All Ohio senior citizens and permanently disabled homeowners receive a tax exemption under the Homestead Exemption Program. 

Ohio Municipal Tax Forms

Ohio State Tax Forms

Pennsylvania Tax Information 

State Tax Forms from Other States
Has links to tax departments in all 50 states.

Youngstown Department of Taxation

PLEASE NOTE: You CANNOT download software onto Library computers.


Millions of Americans are e-filing their tax returns each year. For many, e-filing makes tax time less of a headache. We encourage you to look into e-filing to see if it would be beneficial to you. While the Library cannot recommend that you attempt to file your tax returns on its computers, it is possible to e-file on a Library computer following the guidelines and rules listed below.

NOTE: If you are in the library and wish to print forms or publications, please remember that you will be charged 10¢ per page for black and white printing; 50¢ per page for color printing (available only at Main Library, Austintown, Boardman and Poland). Tax forms are not exempt from printing charges. We are an official tax form distribution location in Mahoning County (at no cost to you), however we do not carry all forms, and we occasionally run out of those we do. If you choose to print forms or publications, you must pay for them.

What is "e-file"?
"E-file" is short for electronic filing or filing your tax returns using a computer.

You mean I can file my tax returns online?
Absolutely! There are online services through which you can file your federal and Ohio state tax returns. You may use any service that does not require downloading software to the library's computer.

Is there a cost for this?
Many online e-filing services charge a fee; if you select such a service the fee must be paid by credit card, debit card, electronic funds withdrawal from a checking or savings account, or other online payment system. Since 2002 a program called Free File, which is the result of a partnership agreement between the IRS and a group of tax preparation software companies has provided free filing for taxpayers who meet certain conditions ; learn more about this program...

What are the advantages of e-filing?
There are two main advantages:
1. You generally get your refund quicker (some services suggest that you can have your refund in about one week), and you can have it directly deposited into your checking or savings account.
2. It is generally easier to e-file than to use the paper forms if you have computer and/or Internet experience. Those with little or no computer experience may find the e-filing process difficult.

Can I file my tax returns using the Library's computers?
The Library will allow you to file your taxes using our computers, but before you attempt to do so, you should seriously consider the following:
1. There is a one-hour time limit on the Library's public computers at Main Library, Austintown, Boardman, Newport and Poland and a 30-minute time limit on computers at all other branches. If your time limit is up and someone else is waiting, you will not be able to continue working even if you are in the middle of your return. Many of the online filing services will let you save your work and return to it later, but doing so properly is your responsibility.

2. The Library cannot guarantee the reliability of its public computers or its connection to the Internet. We try hard to keep our computers working properly, but sometimes computers don't work properly. The Library absolutely cannot and will not be held liable for any problems you may incur, directly or indirectly arising from the use of Library computers. Please read the Library's Internet Policy.

3. Our computers are used by many people each day. We cannot guarantee that data you input in one of our computers will not be accessible by someone else at a later time. E-filing requires a significant amount of personal information (name, social security number, salary, etc.) which you might not want available to others.

4. The Library staff is unable to offer you assistance with our tax returns. We are not tax professionals. Please do not ask us for tax advice. We will not give it to you. If you are attempting to e-file on one of our computers and the computer malfunctions, we can try to fix the computer, but we will not answer any questions related to your tax returns.