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Make a difference with... your LIBRARY CARD from the Public Library of Youngstown & Mahoning County (PLYMC)! Use it as a Library Card to check out books and materials. AND load it with money to make photocopies, printouts from Library computers and microform readers, and to purchase flashdrives.

Remember to bring your Library Card EVERY TIME you visit the Library! You won't be able to check out materials without it.

  Important Information 
How do I get a Library Card?    Loan Periods   Borrowing Limits   
Renewing Library items   Extended Use Fees - What will I owe    When materials are overdue 

Do I need to bring my Library Card
with me to check out books?

 Paying fees online   

How do I get a Library Card? 

Adults can obtain a card by filling out an application in the library or online and providing a photo identification with name and current address.

Applications for minors to age 15 require the signature of a parent or legal guardian granting permission for a library card.  If you are a parent/guardian applying for a card for a minor child, please have the child with you when the application is presented at your library.  The child must also be present when materials are checked out on his or her card. Internet Access is available to all library cardholders.

Cards are free of charge to Ohio residents, people who own property in Mahoning County, and people who work or attend school in Mahoning County on a continuing basis.  Out-of-state residents who do not qualify for a free card can obtain a card by paying an annual fee of $50.

Institutions, businesses and schools are eligible for library cards. 

Lost or stolen cards should be reported immediately.  Replacement fee is $1.

Please remember: You are responsible for Library materials checked out on your Library Card. 

For more information, pick up a "How to Use the Library" flyer at any public library in Mahoning County. A valid Library Card is needed to check out materials from any public library in Mahoning County. Cards are free of charge to Ohio residents. All library cards are renewable every year three years, except for out-of-state cards which must be renewed each year when the $50 fee is paid. Adults can obtain a library card by filling out an application and showing one form of photo identification with entire name and current address.
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Renewing Library items 

Library materials that are not on hold for other patrons may be renewed in person, over the telephone, online through the Library's website, including material borrowed through Search Ohio and OhioLink. You can also renew items via your web-enabled smart phone using the Library's "PLYMC" mobile app, available FREE through your phone's applications store. 

Three renewals for a total of four loan periods are permitted with the following exceptions: ONE RENEWAL on DVDS; NO RENEWALS on Baby Brilliant Kits and Smart Money Kits. 

Blocked patrons may not renew library materials until their records have been cleared of overdue materials, fines and fees.  
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Do I need to bring my Library Card with me to check out books?

You should present your library card to check out books or use computers in the Library. If you don't have your card with you, a photo ID may be used, or your selections can be kept at the Library until the end of the next business day, when you can return with your card to check them out
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Loan Periods 

  7-Day Loan Period 
1) Adult Magazines   2) Adult and Children's DVDs
14-Day Loan Period 
1) Baby Brilliant Kits     2) Smart Money Kits
  21-Day Loan Period 
1) Adult and Children's Books 4) Adult and Children's Books-on-CD
2) Children's Magazines 5) Adult and Children's Books-on-Cassette
3) Adult and Children's Videos 6) Music CDs

Borrowers must be at least 18 years of age to check out non-juvenile videos and DVDs and Baby Brilliant and Smart Money kits.
SPECIAL DELIVERY: All materials circulated to Special Delivery patrons have a four-week (28 day) loan period. 
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What will I owe if my materials are returned late? 

   Extended Use Fees 

Items owned by

Items owned by

Items owned by


Per Day/Per Item

 Per Day/Per Item

Per Day/Per Item





  Audio Books


50¢ 50¢

  Music CDs


50¢ 50¢

  DVDs & Videos

50¢ 50¢ 50¢

  Baby Brilliant Kits

$1 --- ---

  Smart Money Kids Kits

$1 --- ---
  Maximum Extended Use Fees     $10 per item  $10 per item      $10 per item 
  Replacement Cost     Retail Price  $25 per item  $125 per item 

Want to Pay Your Fees Online? Learn more... 

Patrons can return materials at any of the 16 public libraries in the Mahoning County system.
• Extended Use Fees for overdue materials begin the day after the Library materials are due and include the day of return.
• Unpaid fees and fines may cause suspension of borrowing privileges.
Charges made for damaged, lost or mutilated materials are nonrefundable
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Borrowing Limits 

Quantities of Library materials which may be borrowed are limited to fifty (50) items, restricted only by availability, with the following exceptions:

1) Audiobooks - Limit 10 5) Music CDs - Limit 10
2) Books-on-CD - Limit 10 6) Videos - Limit 10
3) DVDs - Limit 5 7) Baby Brilliant Kit - Limit 1
4) eBooks - Limit 10 8) Smart Money Kit - Limit 1

Borrowers are responsible for all material checked out on their Library Card.
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When Materials are Overdue 

  • An overdue notice is sent by your choice of email, telephone, text message or U.S. mail when an item is 14 days past the due date. A courtesy notice is e-mailed two days before the due date IF you have provided the Library with your e-mail address. To do so, click here and choose “View Your Online Library Account.”  
  • A second notice citing the replacement cost of the materials is mailed when the item is 35 days overdue and borrowing privileges are suspended.  
  • At 45 days, the account is turned over to a collection agency, Unique National Collections.  
  • If materials are returned, replacement charges are removed, but overdue fines must be paid.  
  • Failure to settle the account may cause the patron’s debt to be registered with a national credit bureau. This outstanding debt will affect a person’s ability to obtain credit for up to 7 years.   
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