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Blackout Poetry Contest 2014

                                     I close my eyes and
                See               him
                                    with his                  dark hair
 dark                                                                                eyes
    My memory so potent,
 so tangible   every   pore                                   accounted for
  And when I open my eyes,

    I place my hand in his                                     his
 arms around   me      
    our bodies swaying,   our feet floating
 twirling to a melody heard only by us.
  we are  
      reluctant to let our 
 song end.    
 Even      after he's                   gone

Jen Smith, Grade 8, Boardman High School


  changed pretty much overnight
That's the pathetic thing
    Everyone tries so hard to be someone they aren't
  I don't know who I am
how can I even try to
   be who I am, much less someone I'm not?

    I don't fit in anywhere.  
  So there I was,    
   just like that.    


Abby Emerick, Grade 8, Canfield Village Middle School

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