50th Anniversary: Kent State, May 4th Tragedy

two hands hold a burning candle

May 4th marks the fiftieth anniversary of the shootings at Kent State University.  The in personal anniversary activities have been cancelled, but you can read about this historic event by checking out these digital books with your library card.

67 Shots: Kent State and the End of American Innocence by Howard Mean


Cambodia and Kent State: In the Aftermath of Nixon’s Expansion of the Vietnam War by James A. Tyner and Mindy Farmer


Kent State and May 4th: A Social Science Perspective by Thomas R. Hensley and Jerry M. Lewis


The Kent State Coverup by James Munves and Joseph Kelner


Kent State/May 4: Echoes Through a Decade by Scott L. Bills

If you would like to learn more about the Vietnam War, you can take a free online class through Universal Class.  Visit our website at https://www.libraryvisit.org/, and look under the “Learn” tab for more information.  https://library.universalclass.com/i/librarycourse/vietnam_war_study.htm

Check out Kent State’s website at https://www.kent.edu/may4kentstate50

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