Community Support Specialist

The Public Library of Youngstown and Mahoning County (OH) seeks a knowledgeable Community Support Specialist to provide information, support, referrals and assistance to customers who experience mental health, substance abuse, housing and minimisation issues. PLYMC is a county-wide system serving 238,823 residents. This position will help identify library patrons who may benefit from referral to community resources or case management services. This position will also provide resources and assist patrons with follow-through for obtaining services. This is a contract position funded by a grant.

Responsibilities. (1) Makes local resource referrals for various services to library patrons tailored to their requests and needs assessment information. Maintains the appropriate records and follows up with patrons to determine suitability of referrals and outcomes. (2) Contacts police and other necessary assistance if a patron who might pose a danger to self and/or others is identified at the library. Works collaboratively with PLYMC staff and security services when intervention is needed. (3) Connects, builds, and maintains collaborative relationships with community agencies and organizations that provide services beneficial to library customers. Acts as liaison to these entities. (4) Provides consultation and support to the library staff through assistance during or de-briefing after an incident with a patron(s) has occurred. Provides and/or arranges staff training pertaining to topics that might be beneficial in enhancing PLYMC staff’s understanding of homelessness, mental illness and substance abuse. (5) Collects and maintains data to generate outcomes set by PLYMC planning committee. Creates an annual work plan. Analyzes these outcomes to determine if goals generated through staff feedback and set by PLYMC planning committee are being met. (6) Promotes PLYMC as a regional model for being the first library in northeast Ohio to have a social worker by providing consultations, interviews and presentations on the service to the community, other libraries and the media.

Qualifications. Bachelor’s degree in social work is required. Must be licensed to practice in the State of Ohio. Minimum of one year of experience is preferred. Assessment skills and knowledge of de-escalation skills. Experience and understanding of the needs of a diverse urban population. A high level of ability to effectively communicate and exchange information verbally, in writing and using basic technology resources (email, etc.) with attention to detail. Flexibility to multi-task, handle interruptions and emergencies, and change focus. A sincere desire to improve the community and develop relationships that are helpful and supportive to PLYMC and patrons of the Library.

Work Schedule. The position is temporary, lasting approximately 34 weeks at 25 hours per week. Work hours are to be flexible depending on the needs of the community. The Community Support Specialist will work 850 hours total in an approximately 9-month period. The position requires availability for extended or non-traditional hours and regular travel to other library branches and community meetings.

Compensation. The pay rate for this position is $25 per hour.

To Apply. Please apply online by visiting our ADP Career Center and following the instructions.

Email if you experience any issues with the online portal.

An Equal Opportunity Employer