Our Mission

Connect Inspire Enrich motto

Three Reasons Why People Love Their Library!

We hear it everywhere we go: “I Love My Library!” And everyone has a different reason why.We believe it’s because of the Library’s mission: “The Public Library of Youngstown and Mahoning County connects people and communities to reliable resources that inspire learning and foster enrichment.”

This can be summed up in three little words – words which open up the world to our customers –

Our new mission statement was created in 2014 during the strategic planning process. It grew out of ideas and discussions with our customers and our staff.

And in three simple words, it says so very much.

The Library’s Mission and Vision was approved by our Board of Trustees on January 23, 2014 (see policy below).

Library Board Policy 102


The Public Library of Youngstown and Mahoning County, incorporated as the Reuben McMillan Free Library Association, serves all citizens of Mahoning County, Ohio.

The Public Library of Youngstown and Mahoning County connects people and communities to reliable resources that inspire learning and foster enrichment.

Library Vision:

– Provide excellence in customer service

– Be the best source for knowledge, exploration of ideas, and leisure learning in Mahoning County

– Provide reliable information and answers for those that seek them

– Be adaptable, dynamic, and innovative by being responsive to both the community and the changing library industry

– Assure equitable access to library services and materials throughout Mahoning County

– Create welcoming environments and spaces that enrich the communities they service

– Connect people to the community and world they live in

Core Values:


Excellence in customer service is a priority, and we strive to make each individual feel welcome. Library staff are proactive in assisting with customer needs, and engaged in finding ways to remove barriers to access.

We value the Library’s staff and recognize that their skills, abilities, and compassion for the community are at the core of our services. We strive to create a respectful, efficient, and team-oriented environment that retains outstanding staff and encourages their personal and professional growth. We look to recruit people with a passion for service and to ignite their passion further.


We value learning in both a formal and informal setting, for the honing of skills and for the sake of leisure and self development. We strive to provide a wide range of quality resources in physical and digital formats, in our buildings and online, that meet the varied needs of the people of Mahoning County throughout their lifespan.

We value providing the tools of learning for parents and children. We see the Library as an important institution for assisting parents and caregivers in being their child’s first teacher. We strive to provide the needed resources for children to be ready to read, and to empower those around them to guide them on the journey.

We strive to support schools in Mahoning County through providing resources for their students and their faculty, and through the development of meaningful partnerships.

We believe that learning is a never-ending process, and that adults in youth and maturity should be able to access a variety of programs and services–in our buildings, online, and in varied formats–that support their self-guided quest for knowledge and/or new skills. We strive to close gaps in access to our services through systematic outreach by our staff, and to continually work to remove barriers to our services.


We value the ability to understand, adapt and respond to the community we serve and continually search for new ways to provide service. We understand that the Library industry is continually changing and advancing, and we strive not just to implement, but to create best practices and new methods.


We place a high value on the resources we are given to provide Library Service in Mahoning County. We strive to be good fiscal stewards of our budget, and to operate in an efficient and effective manner. We believe in operational transparency and in honest communication.

We strive to be good stewards of our buildings, maintaining them with high standards for the community they service, in a manner which creates welcoming, usable, and engaging spaces for people to gather, work, and learn.