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Poinsettia Window Cling

poinsettia window cling craft
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Our Adult Take & Make Craft for December is a Poinsettia Window Cling.  Pick up your kit at any library branch or through curbside!  (While supplies last.)


  • paper pattern
  • sheet protector
  • glue based paint: green, red, black and yellow
  • paint brush


1. Insert the paper pattern into the sheet protector. Using the black paint and the smallest brush, trace all of the black lines. Keep the paint thick.  Allow it to dry completely before going to the next step.

2. Paint with the green. Be sure to paint over the black lines completely. This will bond the two colors together.

3. Dot in the yellow spots in the middle, and allow to dry completely. Paint over the yellow dots with the red. Go back over the rest of the flower and add more thickness to the red and green paint, especially on the edge lines.

4. Using a plastic card, gently scrape several of the edges up.

5. Once it is peeling well, gently pull it off the plastic.


6. Cling it to your window!

After the season, the flower can be returned to the inside of the sheet protector to be used again!

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