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Book Stack Decor

book stack step 5

Hello, crafters!  This is Missy, here to help you channel your inner Joanna Gaines, and create an awesome piece of farmhouse decor!  Gather your materials and follow along to make a decorative stack of books, stamped with your favorite phrase, your pets’ names, or really, whatever appeals to you.  


  • several old paperback books (hardback can be used too, but it can be more difficult to remove the cover)
  • Alphabet stamps – these can be found at craft stores or online in a variety of font  styles
  • Stamp pad – I used black archival ink.  These can also be found at craft stores and online.
  • Ribbon, yarn, bakers twine, or even strips of fabric – for tying together your stack and embellishing.


Ok, now that you have gathered your materials, your first step is to remove the covers of the paperbacks.

Next, decide what you’d like your books to say.  In my example stack, I have them stamped with the names of my dogs.

Once you decide what you’d like them to say, find the corresponding letters from your alphabet stamps, and place them in reverse order on a stamp block.  If you are using letters that are individually mounted on blocks, you can skip that step.

book stack step 1

Then, stamp your word onto the spine of your book.  Repeat with remaining books and words.  If you have letters that repeat in your words, just arrange the letters you have and stamp them, and then reuse the ones you need to complete your word. If you have any stamps with images, like stars, hearts, animal paws, etc., you can add those as well. 

book stack step 2

book stack step 3

Finally, tie your stack together with your twine, ribbon, or whatever, aligning the material so that the words you stamped aren’t obscured.  Add other colors of twine, colorful ribbons, yarn, or whatever you like to embellish your book stack. 

book stack step 4

Then stand back and admire your awesome farmhouse style decor piece! 

book stack step 5

Missy Williams is an Adult librarian in the Poland Unit.  She’s worked for the library for 19 years, starting in Information Services, and moving to her current home at the Poland branch in 2009. Missy loves books in general, especially British mystery, fantasy, Rick Riordan, J.K. Rowling, and quite a bit of YA.  In her spare time, she knits, sews, cooks, bakes, and practices yoga.