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Chalk Paint Fun

Decorate furniture with chalk paint

Give your old furniture new life with Chalk Paint.

Items needed:

  • An item to paint
  • Chalk paint
  • Chalk paint wax color and clear
  • Paint brushes
  • Steel wool or sand paper
  • Masking tape
  • Waxing brush
  • Polishing cloths


1. Select an item to paint.  It should be structurally sound and clean.

Tape off any glass that cannot be removed or areas you do not want to be coated in paint.  Lightly go over the piece with steel wool or sand paper to scratch up the surface, especially if it is shiny.  This will help the paint stick better.

2. Paint on at least one coat of chalk paint.  If you are struggling with the application as the paint is very thick, you can add a bit of water.  If you add a second coat depends on the level of coverage desired.

3. Details will slow you down, but be sure to give them an adequate coat of paint.

4. Once you are satisfied with the paint coverage, you are ready for waxing.  Scoop up wax onto the lid or a plate.  Tap the brush into the wax and test your method on a non-conspicuous space or sheet of paper.

5. Using a combination of tapping and brushing, apply the wax as heavily as you’d like.  It can be minimal on corners or heavily coat the piece.

6. Additional wax placed in the deeper areas will give more of a depth appearance to your piece.

7. Applying the wax more heavily on the corners gives the piece a ‘hand-worn’ appearance.

8. After you are satisfied with the look, rub clear wax over the entire piece. The clear wax can also be used to clear out some of the color, so do this carefully.  Allow wax to dry and buff according to instructions on can.

Print off a handy step-by-step instruction sheet:

Chalk Paint Fun Instruction sheet

Cindy C.

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