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DIY Cute Cactus Push Pins

Cactus Push Pins

Bored with plain silver push pins on your bulletin board?  Grab your hot glue gun and make some adorable cactus-shaped ones!

For this DIY you will need:

  • A hot glue gun – I used a mini sized gun for mine
  • Green hot glue gun sticks – be sure they are sized to fit your glue gun
  • Non-stick craft mat or silicone baking mat (if you choose to use a baking mat, be sure not to use it for baking after this DIY)
  • White paint pen
  • Push pins – I used standard silver ones with flat tops
  • Adhesive
  • Optional – Image of a cactus to use as a template or for reference

To begin…

Lay out your non-stick mat, insert a green glue stick into your hot glue gun, and plug the glue gun in.  Once it’s hot, you can squeeze out a test blob of glue or even a test cactus to get the feel for it.

To make the cactus…

I printed an image of a cactus from the internet, about the size I wanted the final product, and used it as reference. You could also place it under the mat, if your mat is translucent, and use it as a template. This step isn’t necessary, but can be helpful. Once you are confident, make as many cacti as you’d like!

Allow all of your creations to cool completely, then peel them off of the mat.  They should come away easily.  Now it’s time to add the spines.  Using a white paint pen, draw dots or even little dashes onto each cactus.  Allow paint to dry.  I let mine dry overnight, but a few hours should do the trick, depending on your paint.

To finish…

Use the adhesive to glue a push pin to the back of each cactus. Once the glue is fully dried, they are ready to use.

That’s it!

Use your imagination and some of the many colors of hot glue available to make any shapes that catch your fancy, and add some personality to your cork board.

Watch a Cactus Push Pin being made step-by-step in the video below:


Missy is an Adult librarian in the Poland Unit. She’s worked for the library for nearly 20 years, starting in Information Services, and moving to her current home at the Poland branch in 2009. Missy loves books in general, especially British mystery, fantasy, Rick Riordan, Stephen King and quite a bit of YA. She’s mom to 2 beautiful rescue dogs, Stormageddon the Dark Pup of All, and Oliver Queen Puppy Supreme, along with her tech-obsessed husband, Patrick, a Poland Schools educator. In her spare time, she enjoys knitting, sewing, cooking, baking, crafting, and practicing Yoga.