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DIY Fold-A-Long Fox

fox card glue on face
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Fox Fold-a-long cards are available as this month’s Adult Take & Make kit. (While supplies last.)

Supplies Needed:

  • Cardstock
  • Pattern
  • Glue Stick
  • Envelope
  • Scissors (not included)


Step 1. Cut out pattern.

Step 2. Glue white fox silhouette to the middle fox.

Step 3. Fold the first and third fox to the middle fox.


Step 4. While folded, fold each fox in half.

Step 5. Glue white tail tip to the end of the fox tail and then glue tail to the back of card.

Step 6. Glue white face pieces to the face.

Step 7. Glue white chest pieces on fox.  (Make sure they are covering a little bit of the edge of the fox face.)

Step 8. Glue eyes on the white fox face.

Step 9. Cut half circle (nose) in half and then glue it on the edge of the white chest piece.

You can write a message in the inside of the card and send it for any occasion!

Click the link Fox Take and Make Instructions for additional information, details and photos.

View the Fox Take and Make video: