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Learn How to Make Paracord Keychain

keychain made from braided paracord
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Paracord keychains are available as this month’s Adult Take & Make kit.
(While supplies last.)


You will need about 36 inches of Paracord and a Key ring. You will also need scissors and a lighter.

Step 1

Attach the Paracord to the Key ring. Make sure both Paracord tails are pointing out. You can make the loop as long or short as you want the Paracord Keychain to turn out.

Step 2

Lay the Paracord Keychain flat. Bring one side of the paracord across the top. I started with the left side.

Step 3

Wrap the other piece of Paracord over the top of the first. Bring it under the loop and through the hole that the first piece of Paracord made, as seen in the picture.

Step 4

Pull the pieces of Paracord tight, and repeat the process, this time starting with the right side. Continue, alternating sides, until all the Paracord is used up.   Trim ends flush and melt with a lighter to secure.