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Meditation Art – Word Embodiment 

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Learn how to create Meditation Word Embodiment Art by watching this video:

How-to do your own Meditation Word Art

Gather any paper that you want to write on. 

You can use boxes, old envelopes, computer paper, ads, newspaper, scraps from other crafts. 

Then, gather some writing tools that seem like fun today. 

Try paint and brushes, markers, pens. 

Brainstorm words that are 3 to 6 letters long. Write down the ones that make you feel good and that you want to embody in your life. 

  • Spark 
  • Flow 
  • Snappy 
  • Peppy 

Pick one, and meditate on how this word makes you feel.   

Look at your paper pile and writing utensils.  Which of these matches that feeling?  Trust your intuition.  Switch tools as it pleases you.  There is no “right” or “wrong” way to write your word. 

Throughout the practice, keep bringing yourself back to the word and what it means to you.  Repeat the word in your mind (or out loud) as you play with how you write it. 

After you find the tools and look that you like the most, you can continue writing the word in that style.   

When you are done, display one of your creations as a reminder of your meditation.   

 You can revisit this practice, experimenting with other words, as often as is beneficial to you.