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Sewing Along with Miss Cindy


Non-Medical Grade Mask

Sew Along With Cindy- Face Mask Edition. Do you have a sewing machine but you are not sure how to make a 😷mask? Sew Along with Cindy to make a hospital recommended pocket mask. Get stuck? Email our reference department and Miss Cindy will get back to you!

Supplies needed:

Piece of polyester fabric

Piece of cotton fabric

*recycled is okay!

Scissors, pins or clips

Bias tape or other tie material. Even shoe strings would work.

The instructions for the mask made in this video can be found by following this YouTube link


Cindy C.

Cindy Christani (Miss Cindy) has been circulating in Ohio libraries for many years. Currently she works at the Canfield Unit. She creates programming for all ages because while she likes the little ones, her passion is making ‘stuff’. Cindy’s husband requests that you do not show or tell her about any new ‘stuff’.  But Cindy knows you will bend her ear, and she will turn it into a program lickety-split!