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Upcycled Magazine Bird Mobile

bird mobile final

Bird Mobiles are available as this month’s Adult Take & Make kit.  (While supplies last.)


  • Magazine page birds (5)
  • Cardstock birds (5)
  • Fishing line (4 pieces)
  • Dowel rod (1)
  • Glue (not included)

bird mobile supplies


1. Start by matching up the 5 pairs of magazine page and cardstock birds. Keep the design you want to see facing up with the cardstock bird underneath, and arrange the birds however you want.

2. Next, separate the lengths of fishing line. Set aside the longest piece for later. Of the remaining three pieces, you should have two that are the same length and one that’s shorter. The shortest one is meant for just one bird, the other two can hold two birds each.

3. Working from the bottom up on the length of fishing line, you’ll glue the magazine page bird to the cardstock bird, sandwiching the fishing line between them. Begin by applying some glue to the center of the cardstock bird.

bird mobile fishing wire

Place the end of the fishing line on top of the glue, then line up the magazine page bird with the cardstock bird and place it on top of the fishing line to secure it in place. Go back and apply glue to the rest of the cardstock bird to firmly attach the magazine page bird.

bird mobile gluing other side

4. Repeat the process for the remaining birds, placing them where you want them on the fishing line. Make sure to leave one end of the fishing line free to attach to the dowel rod.

bird mobile strung up

5. Once the birds are attached to the fishing line, tightly tie the remaining ends to the dowel rod.

6. Finally, create a hanger for the mobile by tightly tying the longest piece of fishing line to either end of the dowel rod. Snip off any extra fishing line, if necessary. Then hang and enjoy!

Kelly M.

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