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Andrea has been an adult services librarian at the Austintown library for the last 6 years. She loves reading fantasy and science fiction, but anything with a good story is fair game. It's almost impossible for her to choose a favorite book, but the every-changing list always includes The Lord of the Rings (Tolkien), IT (Stephen King), and The Harry Potter Series (Rowling). If she's not reading, she's usually drawing or spending time with her family.

The Latest From Andrea

Fiction about Food

woman reading and eating

Do you need books that can make your mouth water? Food can be as important in fiction as characters, and we don’t have to turn to a cookbook for delicious descriptions. Try some of these books if you’ve got food on the brain: Like Water for Chocolate  by Laura Esquivel Tita is cursed being the youngest… read more >>

Realistic Fantasy Books

fantasy book

Do you avoid fantasy because of all the made-up words and unrealistic worlds? There might still be some magic out there for you. Some fantasy books rely on old folk tales and our world to tell their stories. Sometimes these books make you wonder if we are missing some elaborate secrets in the world or maybe… read more >>