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Bridgid is a library assistant and hot beverage fiend currently working at PLYMC’s Tri-Lakes branch.

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Happy Aviation Day! For Potential Pilots and Aviation Aficionados

Female pilot in plane

Thursday, August 19 is National Aviation Day!  National Aviation Day was created in 1939 to celebrate aviation and to promote interest in aviation. I might work at a public library, but for fun I am a private pilot. I learned a lot by reading about airplanes, aviation, and other pilots as role models before I began my first flying lesson. However,… read more >>

Cooking with the Library—Dalgona Coffee

In South Korea, there is a tasty treat called dalgona. It has a spongy texture and a honeycomb flavor. Dalgona coffee doesn’t contain any honey, but due to the unique properties of instant coffee, it has a delightful foamy texture and a sweetness that might remind one of old-fashioned toffees.  This do-it-yourself beverage became a viral sensation in 2020, in… read more >>

Point of View Writing Prompts

writing journal

“Point of view” refers to the position of the narrative voice when telling a story. A first-person narrator is a character in the story that tells the story to the reader, like in Libba Bray’s YA novel Going Bovine. A third-person narrator tells the story without being a part of the story, as in Beloved by Toni Morrison. Some books may even have multiple narrators,… read more >>

Cooking with the Library: Five Mocktails in Four Minutes

Mocktails, also called no-proof cocktails, have a long history of providing refreshing alternatives to alcoholic beverages. Some have gained popularity due to the temperance movements or among communities where alcohol isn’t consumed, but they can also be fun and fancy substitutes for events like baby showers, high school graduations, or professional mixers. You may find… read more >>

No Sew T-Shirt Upgrades

If you’re anything like me, you probably have more than a few extra t-shirts clogging up your closet. Some of them might be favorites that are out of style. Others might not fit right or may have faded over time. Consider getting them out of your closet and back into your wardrobe rotation by using… read more >>

FaceTime Instructional Video

facetime video call

If you’re longing to see your loved ones, but can’t visit in person, one alternative you can use is FaceTime. FaceTime is a way to make conventional phone calls or video phone calls from your Apple device, like an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac computer. Because it is native to Apple devices, you don’t… read more >>

No-Sew Face Mask

face masks

Non-Medical Grade Mask If you are part of the effort to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus causing the COVID-19 infection, you may need to wear a face mask when you leave your home. However, not all of us have access to masks or sewing machines to make our own, so here is a way to create… read more >>