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Hello everyone! I'm Brianna and I am a Youth Services Library Assistant at the Public Library of Youngstown and Mahoning County. Working at the library is a dream come true! There is nothing better than being surrounded by books all day long. It is perfect! When I'm not at the library, I spend most of my time playing with my son, Dean, and my three dogs! I have two huskies, Strider and Oakley, and one boxer named Izzy. They keep me pretty busy, but whenever I have a spare moment there is a YA novel in my hands. I am always looking for my next great read!

The Latest From Brianna

National Kindergarten Day! Let’s Celebrate!

children learning letters in kindergarten

Get out your crayons, markers, and pencils… it’s time to celebrate National Kindergarten Day! Each year on April 21st, we honor and celebrate the birthday of Friedrich Fröbel, the founder of kindergarten. Fröbel believed that children learn best through play and experience. He developed the first kindergarten in Germany in 1837. However, it wasn’t until… read more >>

Sight Word Practice at Home

Little girl and boy reading and laughing

Sight words help children build speed and fluency while reading. Most of these words cannot be decoded using traditional strategies, so memorization is usually best! There are approximately 220 sight words that children should have memorized by third grade. For a list of these sight words, click here. An easy way to motivate your child to practice sight words is… read more >>

Get Your Body Moving With PLYMC

Group of smiling kindergarten kids

Gross Motor skills are important to your child’s physical development. The mastery of these skills is essential to completing every day tasks and routines. The following activities will promote the development of these skills.    ACTIVITIES TO TRY: Hopscotch– Playing hopscotch encourages your child to practice body control and coordination by jumping and balancing.   Playing… read more >>

National Puppy Day

puppy english bulldog puppies

March 23 is National Puppy Day! National Puppy Day. Do I even need to say anything else? Who wouldn’t want to celebrate a day dedicated to puppies?! I mean, just imagine those cute faces with ears bigger than their head, the adorable puppy waddle, and the puppy kisses! National Puppy Day was founded in 2006… read more >>

Appreciate a Dragon? Sign Me Up!

dragon flying

Dragons: one of the most popular mythical creatures. Dragons have existed throughout mythology and folklore for thousands of years. When most people think of dragons, they think of giant, scaly creatures that breathe fire and fly with wings. However, not all cultures describe dragons this way. In Eastern Cultures, the dragon is serpent–like and does not have wings. In addition, dragons can either be kind… read more >>