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Cindy C.

Miss Cindy has been circulating in Ohio libraries for many years. She creates programming for all ages because even though she likes the little ones, her passion is making ‘stuff’. Cindy’s husband requests that you do not show or tell her about any new ‘stuff’.  But Cindy knows you will bend her ear, and she will turn it into a program lickety-split! 

The Latest From Cindy C.

Annie Oakley

Sunset silhouette of young cowgirl riding her horse

Happy 161st birthday, Annie Oakley, legendary markswoman and sharp-shooter! Annie Oakley was born Phoebe Ann Moses August 13, 1860, in Darke County, Ohio on a small rented farm.  She grew up in a quiet Quaker family and would grow up to became a famous entertainer.  Her father died six years later of pneumonia leaving his… read more >>

World Helicopter Day

Little boy playing with cardboard helicopter on floor at home. Creative hobby

Make your own helicopter to celebrate World Helicopter Day! “World Helicopter Day is an annual international celebration of the amazing engineering and essential missions of helicopters,” (from the American Helicopter Museum and Education Center).  This day falls on the 3rd Sunday of August each year; this year’s World Helicopter Day is coming up on August… read more >>

Vinegar Solutions

Baking soda with vinegar, natural mix for effective house cleaning

Both brown apple cider vinegar and white vinegar are some of the most versatile products in your kitchen pantry. You can use them both indoors and out.  White vinegar is made from fermented alcohols, such as corn. White vinegar is usually used as a cleaning and degreasing tool. Brown vinegars are made from cider, malt,… read more >>

Free Children’s E-Book Sources

Toddler child playing with a digital tablet ipad technology

While some people prefer a hard copy, there are many advantages to reading eBooks over print materials.  Ebooks are portable and lightweight.  They are accessible everywhere as they can be downloaded and stored for later use.  And, when you need something to entertain children, there is nothing like being able to pull up a book to share… read more >>

Cooking with the Library—Corn Flake Cookies

corn flake cookies on counter

I believe I found this recipe as a teen on a Kellogg’s Corn Flake box, and have been making it every so often, ever since.  It is the perfect cookie.  Not too sweet, soft in the middle and crispy on the edges.  It can take just about any add-in you might imagine.  Try coconut, nuts, chocolate chips, peanut butter,… read more >>