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Edward Koltonski is the Business & Investment Center librarian. To schedule an appointment, call 330-744-8636 or email the Business & Investment Center librarian at

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Have You Considered All Your Marketing Options?

small business owner coffee shop

Whether you are just starting a business or have been going for awhile, it’s pretty easy to think that you have your marketing strategy covered. Most of the businesses that I work with mainly want to discuss social media marketing which can be a low-cost and highly successful alternative if you don’t want to drop too much into… read more >>

Building a Desktop Computer

Hand holding smartphone with phrase Tech Time

The last year has taught us a lot about how much we rely on technology every day. While most of us can get by with smartphones, there are certain tasks that require us to have something more powerful to fulfill the demands of our business, school, or hobbies. Have you ever considered just putting together your own computer? It’s often a less… read more >>

To Surcharge or Not to Surcharge

Picture of a cash bag with the word Surcharge and a red up arrow

Business owners remain terribly aware of the disruptive nature of our economy during the ongoing Covid-19 crisis. While some businesses were able to fall back onto digital infrastructures or on carryout and delivery services, costs have still outpaced revenue in most cases. Things have and unfortunately will remain tight in most sectors for quite some time…. read more >>

A Guide to Primary Voting in Ohio 2020

By Ed, Business & Investment Center librarian Ohio is currently experiencing a once-in-a-century event that continues to affect every aspect of our daily lives. We are all still finding our footing in this temporary new normal; however, there are still moments of ‘business as usual’ and such is the case with primary voting. Here is what is happening and… read more >>