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Kelly is a librarian at the Public Library of Youngstown and Mahoning County. As the Adult Programming Specialist, her focus is bringing adults the library programs they love.  (Kids can’t have ALL the fun!).  She reads strictly nonfiction and picture books.  She believes that anything you could ever need or want is located somewhere in the library.  Including friends.

The Latest From Kelly

This Week in Nature: Lilac as Medicine

Blooming lilac flowers

The information contained on this website are for informational purposes only. No material on this site is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.  Lilac is a common springtime flower, but did you know that it’s edible? That’s right — lilac, the flower that graces many nostrils with its heavenly… read more >>

Dial-a-Story Monthly Schedule

Dial-a-Story for May If you love story times and audiobooks or you want to participate in library programs but don’t have access to a computer, you can simply call our special phone number to hear recordings read by librarians and special guests.  We read picture books, chapter books, poetry, short stories, original writings, STEAM/Science info,… read more >>

Holocaust Memorial Day

International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Holocaust Memorial Day is a solemn occasion, commemorating the 6 million Jews and 5 million others who perished in the Holocaust at the hands of Nazi Germany.  This day is a time to reflect on the lives lost, as well as the heroism and the Jewish resistance during that terrifying period (1933-1945). Holocaust Memorial Day… read more >>

Pollinators and Pollinator Plants

Monarch butterfly on a milkweed flower

Pollinators and Pollinator Plants Milkweed and mint are examples of flowering plants that provide food for pollinators; animals that help plants reproduce and spread by carrying pollen from plant to plant. Insects such as bees, butterflies, moths, and beetles, birds such as hummingbirds, and even some bats, are all pollinators that eat the sugary nectar… read more >>

What Are Pollinators?

bumblebee on flower covered in pollen

What are pollinators? Pollinators are animals that carry pollen from flower to flower. They land on a flower to eat its nectar, and some of the flower’s powdery pollen attaches to their bodies. As the pollinator travels to a new flower, some of the pollen comes off of the animal’s body and sticks to the… read more >>

100 Easy Tips for Saving Money!

Saving money

Keep a tally of everything you buy for a week. Look for patterns, and decide if recurring expenditures can be reduced or eliminated. Making friends is fun, healthy, and cheap entertainment. Think of fun and unique activities you can all do as a group for cheap, like inviting everyone over for games and snacks, and… read more >>

Mermaid Garden

Mermaid Reading in a Fairy Garden with Succulents

With spring around the corner, and things starting to bloom outside (crocusus!), it’s natural to want to bring a little bit of your garden inside, by creating a Container Garden.  But not just any old garden… A mermaid container garden!  Use your imagination (and creativity) to visit new and different worlds, like underwater!  It’s easy… read more >>

Fun Franklin Facts

Ben Franklin with Kite

Benjamin Franklin was an extraordinary American. His résumé would include: founding father, Renaissance man, editor, author, publisher, inventor, scientist, scholar, philosopher, politician, statesman, ambassador, diplomat, benefactor and even fashion icon. You can learn all about the life of this unusual and creative and inspiring man by watching “Benjamin Franklin,” a two-part, four-hour documentary by Ken… read more >>