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Kristy is a librarian heading up the Library’s Pop-Up service. When she's not popping up all over town bringing library materials to the masses, she enjoys sneaking Handel’s ice cream when her kids have gone to bed, reading, sports, doing jigsaw puzzles, exercising, and laughing. She really likes to laugh. A lot.

The Latest From Kristy

Happy Birthday, Reuben: Life in 1820

Costume for 1815-1820

The year was 1820. Cast iron stoves were becoming more and more common, replacing the hard-to-control hearth; Maine became the 25th official U.S. State; and our library’s founder, Reuben McMillan, was born.  Ohio became an official U.S. state in 1803, so we were just about 17 years into our life as a state. In Reuben McMillan’s lifetime he saw… read more >>

The Butler Did It!

mystery books

British Mystery Novels: A selection of mysteries set in the UK Why are British detective novels so good? While some follow a formula, others are deeply twisty, and keep you guessing. Here are a selection of my favorites, many of which you might be familiar with from their television adaptations. A Great Deliverance by Elizabeth George The first book in… read more >>

Beachy Books for Summer

book open on beach

Are you looking for your next great summer read?  Whether you’re looking for some beach front romance or lakeside drama, this list has you covered with breezy reads! Add these upcoming titles to your “to-read” list or place one on hold through our library catalog.    On Ocean Boulevard by Mary Alice Monroe Troubles in Paradise by Elin Hilderbrand The Friendship List by… read more >>

From Cooking Blog to Cookbook

Cooking and blogging

Do you love to read food blogs and try new recipes?  These cookbooks from popular bloggers will make your mouth water and send you right into your kitchen to get cooking.  The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook, by Deb Perelman The debut cookbook from popular food blogger Deb Perelman, this cookbook has accessible recipes for everything from… read more >>

It’s (Still) Derby Day!

racing horse

….And they’re off!  Well, not quite.  This year, the Kentucky Derby is postponed until September 5th.  Traditionally run on the first Saturday in May, this year Churchill Downs has opted to have a virtual celebration and viewing party on May 2nd.  They’re even running a simulated Kentucky Derby featuring the 13 Triple Crown winners.  So, even though… read more >>