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Mary Kelly

Mary Kelly is an adult services librarian currently based at the Austintown and Michael Kusalaba branch libraries. She’s a big fan of all things mystery and thriller. When she’s not at the library, she enjoys walking her dogs, practicing yoga and true crime podcasts.

The Latest From Mary Kelly

Cooking with the Library: Easy to Make Latkes


Hanukkah is just around the corner! It’s time to get out the schmaltz and start frying up some delicious latkes!   No, latkes aren’t just hash browns and yes, they will be the best thing you have ever eaten. This is a European Jewish (Ashkenazi) dish that is essential for any good Hanukkah celebration. Even though you think “potato” when you hear latke, there are many… read more >>

Retro Recipe: Ambrosia Salad

This week’s cooking video is a throwback.  Ambrosia salad looks more like a dessert than a typical leafy salad, but it is a vintage favorite of summer picnics and barbecues!   First known recipes of ambrosia salad date as far back as 1867, when citrus fruit was becoming more available. Recipes were often oranges and fresh pineapple layered together with sugar.  In Greek… read more >>

Pilates for Beginners

Yoga girl exercising in front of laptop

Over the last few months, we have realized how quickly our circumstances can change. Our routines and habits can be disrupted, leaving us to come up with creative ways to adapt.  One of the most common changes has been the change to our workout routines. As fitness centers, studios and gyms closed, people have had… read more >>