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Patrick is an Adult Services Librarian at our Canfield branch. He enjoys podcasting, running, and wrestling with his kids. He likes to read narrative nonfiction and novels about dystopian futures.

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Don’t Be Duped! Collection 

Don't Be Duped video series

Check out our Don’t Be Duped collection: a series of brief videos on detecting, and combating, various types of fallacious arguments.   Perhaps you saw and enjoyed them on our Facebook page @LibraryMahoningCounty.  Watch them all again, here in one convenient collection for your viewing enjoyment!  Click on the links below to view each video on… read more >>

St. Patrick

Saint Patrick Statue looking after the valley on Croagh Patrick, Ireland

St. Patrick St. Patrick a patron saint of Ireland (as well as Nigeria) and was instrumental in bringing Christianity to the Emerald Isle. Two of his writings have been preserved over the years: his Confessio, a short spiritual autobiography and the source of most of what is known about him; and his “Letter to Coroticus,” which denounces British mistreatment of Irish Christians.  Patrick (christened “Patricius”) was… read more >>

Don’t Be Duped

Have you ever been duped by faulty logic used by a politician, public speaker, co-worker, or friend? Probably. Unfortunately, fallacious arguments are commonplace and we’ve all likely been both taken in by or even used bad arguments ourselves without realizing it. That’s because fallacious arguments aren’t always easy to spot. Sometimes they seem quite convincing… read more >>