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Romie is a Systemwide Floating Librarian at the Public Library of Youngstown and Mahoning County, where she has recently landed in the Technical Services Department. She loves to help people and learn new things every day. When not at work, she loves reading, going on adventures, and the great outdoors.

The Latest From Romie

eBook spotlight: Bird Crafting

When referring to eBooks, many people tend to think of fiction titles, but almost any type of book can be found in the eBook format. The Public Library of Youngstown and Mahoning County offers a large selection of eBooks available for checkout from their digital catalog, OverDrive, and the best part is that you can… read more >>

Finding Kindness among the Rocks!

Be kind written on a rock

Finding Kindness among the Rocks! Spread Kindness in Your Community Have you felt uneasy lately? Do you often wish that you could do something to help others feel happier? There is something that anyone can do to improve someone’s mood, and it is as simple as writing a message on a rock and leaving it for a stranger to find. This is part of a large movement called The… read more >>

STEAM Cup Challenges

cups stacked in tower

Even before we were staying at home all of the time, many families were gathering once a week or more to have family get-togethers. Whether you watch a movie that you finally agree upon, or gather around the table for a board game, there are many activities that can bond you as a family. How about including some… read more >>

The Mahoning Valley Has Talent


The Mahoning Valley Has Talent 2020…What a year it has been! While staying apart, we have yearned to be connected with friends, family, and others in our community. We have texted, emailed, video-chatted, and of course reached out to others through social media. Many have recorded video of themselves to help entertain others and to… read more >>

Adulting 101: Kitchen Hacks (with Lemons)

Adulting 101

Ever wonder how to get rid of that awful smell in your garbage disposal? Or how to organize your ingredients before tackling a recipe? How about the best method for measuring out sticky ingredients without having half of it stuck to the measuring spoon? Librarians Chris and Romie are here to share a series of quick and nifty kitchen… read more >>