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Sam is the Assistant Specialist for Technology Programming. Helping others with technology, Makerspace projects, and finding the resources and information they need are the best parts of her job! She enjoys finding new apps to try, crafts, puzzles, spending time with family, and reading.

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Screen Recording Options for Windows


1. Open PowerPoint If you want to record a PowerPoint presentation, you may open that specific presentation. If you want to do a screen recording of something else on your screen, you may open a blank presentation. Click on the ‘Insert’ tab. Find and click ‘Screen Recording’ towards the top on the right-hand side. You… read more >>

Learning to Code for Teens


Learning to code can be challenging, but there are all kinds of resources to help you get started! From beginner to more advanced, here are some options for learning different types of coding languages! Codecademy is a website full of courses to take to learn Python, JavaScript, Java, HTML, CSS, C++, and more!  There are… read more >>

Back to Work: Staying Focused and Organized

Back to Work reminder on a wall calendar

If you’re looking for a way to stay organized and focused when working from home or going back to the office, there are apps to help!  There are so many available and all of them are a little different and might appeal to you more than others depending on your needs.  Here are a few productivity apps to keep in mind when organizing either for… read more >>

Searching the Library Website

searching library website

Learn how to find easily information on the library website by viewing the video here:   Step-by-step instructions (click on the thumbnails for full-sized images): The library has three options for searching for information on the website: Catalog, Articles, and Site (Website in some menus). On the main page, this will appear underneath the blue… read more >>

Adventures with Apps

App Name: Duolingo Publisher: Duolingo Platforms: Android and iOS Cost: Free, with In-App Purchases Ages: All ages Review: Duolingo is an interactive language learning app that offers over 35 courses of different languages. The languages with the highest number of learners are Spanish and French but also offered are Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, etc. In the app, you will complete lessons of different themes such as family, food, at… read more >>