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Hello! My name is Ms. Tracy and I am a librarian assistant in the Austintown and Michael Kusalaba Library. I am a new librarian assistant and I enjoy reading nonfiction books about travel and animals. My favorite part about being a librarian is helping all of the wonderful people that I get to meet.

The Latest From Tracy

Fun With Children’s Poetry

book love

Have you ever just made-up words that rhyme? Chances are a poem was just created. Children have a wonderful way of putting words together that seem to go wonderfully. Poetry is a fun way to spend time together with others talking and singing about thoughts, ideas, and emotions.  A poem is a collection or arrangement of words that express… read more >>

Educational Resources: Visual Arts

children painting visual arts

A great way to get creative is to use the visual arts. Visual arts are an art form that uses different media to create an emotional response to something. The forms of visual arts include painting, crafting, design, architecture, drawing, ceramics, and photography.   Children and toddlers begin to use the visual arts very early in… read more >>

Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Group of smiling kindergarten kids

A great way for children to stay busy in the summer is a great treasure or scavenger hunt. When children participate in a treasure hunt, their faces beam with excitement. Kids love indoor or outdoor activities where they look for hidden objects.   This game involves the organizers to create a list of items that the participants… read more >>

Educational Resources: Science


Do you like to ask lots of questions about science, nature, and technology? The answer is that curious minds want to know answers about the world.   Science is the study of the world around us. Humans learn through describing, experimenting, and observations. Biology, geology, physics, astronomy, and chemistry are just some of the subjects that scientists use… read more >>

Reading Readiness for Children

girl reading

Discovering when a child is ready to read is one of the best milestones in early childhood.  Children learn to read at different rates of speed. Some children will read with ease and others will take longer. There is no need to worry, because as children enter kindergarten, their teachers will work with them to learn the skills they… read more >>

Educational Resources: Performing Arts

Kids celebrating in school class

Have you ever been interested in drama, dance, music, or theatre that involves performing in front of an audience? Performing arts allows children to explore their imagination and emotions, and fosters development in their own ability. Confidence, joy, self-expression, and brain growth are gained through performing arts. The performing arts helps people gain understanding and self-knowledge within society. The arts can be used to educate people about current conditions and… read more >>

Educational Resources: Math

Middle school girl in math class

Have you been trying to find great educational resources about math? Math is important for many distinct reasons including positive attitudes and problem-solving skills. Learning math is used to help children develop math learning, math thinking, math talking, and to develop math skills.   These essential skills are used in everyday life and include sorting, measuring, building, making patterns and comparisons. When adults become excited about math, children will… read more >>

Clothespin Butterfly – Take & Make Craft for Kids

This month’s Kids Take and Make Craft is a clothespin butterfly. Butterflies are herbivores that eat plants and leaves. These insects have been around for over 56 million years and have three separate body parts and six legs. Egg, larvae, pupa, and adult are the four stages in the life cycle of a butterfly.  Let’s make a clothespin butterfly craft!  Clothespin… read more >>

Inspiring Women for Women’s History and Deaf History Month

Happy woman riding a bicycle

March is Women’s History Month and Deaf History Month.  Let’s take a moment to remember these very inspiring women throughout history that have made significant contributions in science, athletics, the arts, education, and social reform. These successful women overcame many obstacles, and their determination and perseverance continue to empower women today.   Linda Bove  Linda starred… read more >>