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Hello! My name is Ms. Tracy and I am a librarian assistant in the Austintown and Michael Kusalaba Library. I am a new librarian assistant and I enjoy reading nonfiction books about travel and animals. My favorite part about being a librarian is helping all of the wonderful people that I get to meet.

The Latest From Tracy

Educational Resources: Social Studies

Social Studies and history and the world globe

Do you want to learn more about economics, politics, and history? There are many educational resources available to students, parents and staff through the use of the Internet, yet it is often difficult to find reliable resources that can be trusted.   Social studies help young people to make important and reasonable decisions to become a responsible, independent… read more >>

Remote Learning: Homeschooling Teaching Methods and Useful Websites

Homeschooling Methods Homeschooling approaches are very unique and diverse. Usually, a family will take from the different styles and create one all their own. Over the last 10 years, homeschooling has become more popular because of the different ideas and suggested styles there are to follow. Parents may choose to follow one type of approach and then eventually change… read more >>

Hibernation for Kids

Bear in hibernation

As the cold weather settles in, many animals will hibernate for the winter. Children begin to ask many questions about where the animals are and wonder why they do not see them. Here are some fun ways to incorporate hibernation and learning into these fun rhymes that will surely get early learners up and moving!… read more >>

Let it Snow!

Let it snow writing on fresh snow

Children are always looking for ways to enjoy the snow in the winter. Learning about snow is a wonderful way in incorporate STEAM into story times. The following two rhymes can be used to reinforce a snow story or a snow experience a child may encounter over time. Using your hands to tell a story is a clever way to show children how to incorporate numbers and singing into… read more >>

Myths, Legends and Fables: Helping Kids Decipher the Difference

magical book

What is the difference between a myth, legend, or fable? Learning the difference can be quite tricky when you are a child learning literature in school. Tall tales, fables, fairy tales, legends, myths and folktales are sometimes used interchangeably, and that can be confusing. The children’s literature terms are described below with an example of… read more >>

Trailblazers in the Deaf Community: Famous Men

International week of the deaf logo

Do you want to learn something new about some famous people? Five famous deaf men from 1700 to 2020 have become trailblazers for their time. Learn about each of these fantastic men and what they have done to change history. Check out these biographies about these famous deaf men!  Granville Seymour Redmond (March 9, 1871 – May 24, 1935)  Granville Redmond… read more >>

Trailblazers in the Deaf Community: Famous Women

International week of the deaf logo

Women have always held an important role in the lives of many people throughout the ages, but it has only been 150 years or so that famous deaf women have come to the forefront of society. The biographies of these ten amazing women trailblazers in the deaf community are nothing short of miraculous. They each have special qualities that have propelled them… read more >>

Trailblazers in the Deaf Community: Famous Authors

International week of the deaf logo

250 million people around the world have a hearing impairment and two-thirds of those people live in developing countries. Half of deafness and hearing impairments can be avoidable. If a person is deaf, this is the complete loss of hearing in one or both ears; hearing impairment is the complete or partial loss of one or both ears, according… read more >>