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Vikki is a youth services librarian at the Poland Branch of the Library. Her favorite things include nursery rhymes, story time, and helping people of all ages find just the right book. When she isn’t at the library, Vikki enjoys reading (surprise!) and spending time with her husband, children, and grandchildren.

The Latest From Vikki

Gripping Gothic Mysteries–Digital Titles to Download

castle picture

Looking for just the right book to read on a dark, chilly autumn night? These haunting, atmospheric mysteries are perfect, especially when paired with a hot drink and cozy blanket. Each book on the list offers gripping psychological suspense, along with at least one element—a crumbling mansion, a mysterious employer, a dark family secret—that provides… read more >>

Taz and Friends: Animals Down Under in Australia

australia marked on map with push pin

  When you hear Tasmanian devil do you automatically think of a famous cartoon character? Perfectly understandable! But how much do you know about the real-life animal? Tasmanian devils live in Australia, a continent that is brimming with wacky, adorable, and sometimes terrifying creatures! Follow the links below to experience some of Australia’s most interesting… read more >>

Murder with Recipes: 12 Cozy Mystery Series to Sample

mystery books

A good cozy murder mystery is like comfort food for your mind and soul.  Yes, the plot will involve a murder, but it will happen off-stage, with no gory details.  These are not mysteries that will have you checking the locks and jumping at every sound. Cozy mysteries feature normal, everyday heroines who just happen to stumble across… read more >>

First Chapters: Inspector Flytrap

Our First Chapters book this week is Inspector Flytrap, the first of three books in a series by Tom Angleberger.  The main character in this series is a Venus flytrap (yes, the carnivorous plant) who owns a detective agency where he solves “Big Deal Mysteries” with the help of his assistant, Nina the goat.  As you can guess, this involves one hilarious adventure… read more >>



Have you ever visited a farm? Maybe some of you are lucky enough to live on a farm!  I’m sure you’ve all read books about farms and farm animals.  Do you have a favorite animal on the farm?  It’s a tough decision, but I think my very favorite farm animals are the pigs.  Big or small,… read more >>

A Virtual Visit to Gettysburg

Gettysburg National Military Park

The Battle of Gettysburg began on July 1, 1863; it ended three days later, with the retreat of the battered Confederate Army.  General Robert E. Lee’s plan to invade and crush the North had failed, marking a major turning point in the Civil war.  For this reason, many historians consider Gettysburg to be the war’s pivotal battle.    If history is… read more >>

First Chapters: It’s the Cat’s Meow!

Tween phone

This week our First Chapters book will be The Cat’s Meow by Herman Parish.  This fun and funny early readers chapter book is the second installment in the Amelia Bedelia and Friends series, which depicts the beloved title character during her elementary school years.  In The Cat’s Meow, Amelia and her friends rescue a kitten trapped high in a tree, and then must find the kitten a… read more >>

Window Clings Craft for Kids

window cling

Doesn’t it make you feel happy to see the sun shining through your windows? You can make sunny days even more cheerful with these colorful window clings! This craft can get a little messy, so be sure you choose your work surface carefully, and have some soap and water standing by for quick clean-ups. What You Will Need:… read more >>