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Book Review: The Two Lives of Lydia Bird

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This week I finished reading The Two Lives of Lydia Bird by Josie Silver (March 2020). It follows Lydia Bird as  she struggles with the death of her fiance, Freddie.  Lydia and Freddie have been together since they were teenagers, until he dies, suddenly, in a car wreck on her twenty-eighth birthday.  What comes next is the story of Lydia and Freddie’s love before his death, until she is pulled into some sort of alternate dream world.  In this world, she and Freddie are still alive and well and planning their dream wedding.  She soon learns, that living between this dream world and real life, starts to have serious implications on her grieving process and day-to-day life.  We also get to see how her family and friends support her in her real life and the effect this has on their presence in her dreams.

If you enjoyed the book P.S. I Love You or The Time Traveler’s Wife, this may be your next thrilling love story. Silver brings Lydia to life on the pages, and takes you through her heart-wrenching healing process.  Can you imagine having to celebrate the wedding of a friend, while suffering the loss of your own fiance, whom you should be marrying in a few months?  You can really feel the struggle and the heartbreak Lydia suffers, while still laughing at the silliness and love the other characters are able to add to the story.  I absolutely adored the relationships she shares with her co-workers!  In the end, Lydia must make the impossible choice to stay in the real world or disappear into a dream with the only man she has ever loved.  Can there be a second chance for Lydia Bird? 


Jose Silver also wrote the book One Day In December, which was featured in Reese’s Book Club.  I am definitely checking that one out next!  You can check out either book from the library’s catalog here. 


Kim is an Adult Services Librarian at the Public Library of Youngstown and Mahoning County.  She likes to read a little bit of everything and has a soft spot for any book that makes her cry! 



Kim is a naturally curious adult services librarian who can be found at the Poland branch of the Public Library of Youngstown and Mahoning County. She likes to read a wide array of different genres but has a soft spot for any book guaranteed to make her cry. She can mostly be found spending time with her husband and three children, who like to keep her on her toes!