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Caring for your Home Library

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Do you have a home library? Are you taking care of it? 

 In my opinion, a collection of books, no matter how many or how few, can be classified as a library. There are even “Little Libraries” posted in small boxes around many neighborhoods. Here you will find some tips on how to best take care of your book bundles of joy. If you are really serious, there is a 35 page guide released by St. Mary’s University library in Texas.  

 One of the first things I learned, during my many library internships, was to have books resting in a vertical position, not horizontal. Stacking books on top of one another creates unwanted pressure on the spines, leads to misshapen covers/pages, and makes them vulnerable to a book avalanche. Keep them upright and stable with bookends enclosing them. Also, don’t squeeze too many books together on a shelf. It’ll make it hard to take one out and you might have a book explosion! 

 A few quick things that will extend your book’s life:

  • Keep them out of too much humidity. You don’t want moldy pages!
  • Keep them out of direct sunlight. The sun will bleach your books and cause fading of the ink.
  • Finally, dust your books. Not only is this good for their condition, it’ll make it look like you are reading them and not storing them. 

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