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Desperately Seeking Books

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Are you stuck about what book to read next? Here’s what to do: 


Sometimes you can spend more time browsing for a book than it would take to read a book! With the endless options at your disposal, deciding on your next read is a difficult task. What length book do you want to read? Modern or classic? Fiction or non-fiction? These are the questions. Here are a few methods you can try, before you drive yourself crazy! 


Start with a recommendation from a friend. This is a standard, basic thing to do, but you may strike gold quickly. If there is someone who you are friends with and respect their opinions, pick their brain a bit. You can always rely on our PLYMC Staff for a good recommendation 


A more interactive way of finding some pages is NovelistPlus’s: Appeal Mixer. This database lets you fine tune the elements of the book you are looking for. Want something moderately sad, very funny, and unpredictable? They recommend The Nix, by Nathan Hill, among a list of books that fit the bill. This site takes the pressure off of having to do the filterstyle elimination and research on your own. A website with a similar function is whichbook.netIt’s stripped down and doesn’t have the power and options in the search engine, but can help in a pinch. 


Finally, if you’ve tried all of the above and still don’t know which way to go, try This site allows you to read a page from a book and then below the text you can reveal the book title and author’s name. It’s kind of like having a little sampler at your favorite ice cream shop. I’m usually a cookie dough person, but I will branch out to tutti-fruiti, if given the option. Sometimes we all need to take a chance and try something new! Tell us what great books you’ve discovered on social media. Don’t forget to use the tag #PLYMC.  


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