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Drawing Books for Teens 

Artist drawing sketching manga comics
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Do you still find yourself having a bunch of free time and you want to learn a new skill? Maybe you want to learn about art and draw some realistic portraitsOr create your own original cartoon, comic or manga? Your skills may vary: novice to knowledgeable to professional. If you want to learn a new genre of art or brush up your skills, check out some of these titles.  


Want to teach yourself how to draw? Portraits, landscapes, and more. Here are a couple of basic drawing titles.  

Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards (also as an eBook)
Personally, one of my favorite drawing books; this title helps with the basics of drawing. Each chapter teaches different skills and a new way to look at art. “A course in enhancing creativity and artistic confidence.”  

Learn How to Draw Faces and Portraits for the Absolute Beginner by John Davidson and Adrian Sanqui (eBook only)
This drawing guide breaks down the face by having chapters dedicated to eyes, nose, mouth, measuring eye size compared to other features, placement of these features on the head and different views and positions of the head. This book shows the artistic measurements of drawing. 


Marvel or DC? Batman versus Iron Man or maybe you want to create your own iconic superhero that rivals these famous ones. Comic books have been popular for decades and have continued to be prevalent after the surge of the DC Universe and the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) movies. Learn how to draw in your favorite style of comic publications or use these techniques as inspiration! 

Creating Comics from Start to Finish: Top Pros Reveal the Complete Creative Process by Buddy Scalera
This book helps explain how mainstream comics work. Teaching readers about the writing aspect of comics, the penciling, inking, and coloring of the characters, background, and panels. This guide even discusses publishing and other finishing aspects of art. This is a fantastic general guide. 

The DC Comics Guide to Creating Comics: Inside the Art of Visual Storytelling by Carl Potts
Using the style and characters of DC heroes, this guide shows the importance of storytelling in each panel. Using action, dialogue, and other conventions to create storytelling through images, readers and artists are inspired to mimic DC characters or can make their own.  

The DC Comics Guide to Digitally Drawing Comics by Freddie E Williams II (also as an eBook)
While you can follow the line work of the examples provided, Williams gives steps of how to create a comic through the realm of Digital art, which much of the comic book art is drawn in today. This guide helps artists transferring to the digital medium while showing amazing examples of famous and beloved DC characters. Dive into this step by step guide of digital drawing. 


What is manga? Manga is “Japanese comic books and graphic novels considered collectively as a genre” (Merriam Webster Dictionary). Characters are usually characterized with large expressive eyes, unbelievably wild hair, and powerful dialogue. Learn how to draw different versions of manga with some of these guides. While these books may provide the basics of the art of manga, you have the ability to make any changes that you want. You can create your own characters and work out the different panels and write your own amazing dialogue! 

How to Draw Manga! Lesson #1: Eyes by Koda Tadashi (eBook only)
This drawing book teaches the art of making those soulful and expressive wide eyes that are so popular in manga. This book is for beginners or for those who want to refine their skills and learn to understand the how and why of drawing eyes. This is made by the art studios of Manga University.  

How to Draw Manga! Lesson #2: Hands by Koda Tadashi (eBook only)
This second lesson book from the same author and artist of the last book suggested, teaches some of the basics of drawing hands in manga. Almost as expressive as eyes, the hands can show readers of manga about the character. This book shows a step by step guide of movement lines and helps artists learn how to draw those pesky hands. 



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