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Family Cooking 

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Do you have a secret recipe passed down from generation to generation? These authors do!

Cooking and baking are traditions as valuable and deep as any. It’s a big day when you finally get to learn how to make those delicious meatballs or see what special ingredient your aunt uses in her shortbread. The best family recipes are the ones that take years and years to perfect. Fortunately, for those whose family hasn’t forked over their culinary techniques, you can enjoy this booklist!

When someone shares a recipe with you, they are sharing all the joy, hard work, and memories that come with it. Recently I came across a potato gnocchi dish from chef Joseph Leibowitz that was passed down to him from his family and it was out of this world! I always search for easy dishes that will please everyone and this was it! Now, new memories are being made and my family has something delicious to look forward to.


As for my own family cookbook, we have a few recipes that are timeless, treasured and oh-so-tasty! I’m going to save those for another time, but if you want to share with us tag #PLYMC on social media!



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