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It’s a Scary, Scary World

ominous red forest

Get your campfire ready, wait ‘til dark, and download one of these super scary novels!  We aren’t responsible for damage to devices that are dropped on the ground or in the fire due to sheer fright.

The Haunting of Hill House, by Shirley Jackson 
This classic, published in 1959, is the consummate haunted house tale.  Still as popular today, it was recently made into a series on Netflix.

We Need to Talk About Kevin, by Lionel Shriver 
There might be nothing more horrifying than your own child committing unspeakable atrocities.  This story centers around a tortured mother and the unraveling of what and who her child is.

Blindness, by José Saragamo 
Sudden blindness sweeps through a city, where the government reassigns almost the entire population to an abandoned mental facility.  Within the walls, madness descends.  When the facility catches fire, a sighted woman, who claimed blindness in order to stay with her husband, leads a group of strangers through the city in order to survive.

Bird Box, by Josh Malerman 
Made into a Netflix original starring Sandra Bullock, this scary tale of a world where terror has everyone trapped in the place they first seeked shelter may resonate with the current events in the world.  As people go murderously mad after seeing a mysterious monster of sorts, the lockdown of a society and the survival of the few is chilling.

The Shining, by Stephen King 
A family agrees to be the winter caretakers of an isolated mountain resort hotel.  When supernatural forces, old horrors, and social isolation are at play…what can possibly go wrong?

The Exorcist, by William Peter Blatty 
Is every great horror novel made into a movie?  Seems to be the case!  This is the tale of the demonic possession of a child, but what really gets it onto this list…it’s based on a true story.

Something Wicked this Way Comes, by Ray Bradbury 
This is one of those titles that makes it onto every publication’s “best horror novels” list.  When a dark carnival rolls into small-town Illinois a week before Halloween, everyone in town is intrigued by the carnival’s draw and its promises of making all wishes and dreams come true.  But, nothing in life is free…

The Taking, by Dean Koontz 
As a golden rain and deep fog sweep over the world, the familiar becomes shrouded in uncertainty and darkness.  The citizens of the small town in this novel have been cut off from the outside world, no radio, TV, phone, or internet communications.  Unidentified noises and sights appear in the daytime and night.  What starts as a phenomenon quickly becomes a horrifying hunt, and they are the prey.

A Dark Matter, by Peter Straub  
One gruesome death at the hands of a 1960s cult spurs a modern day investigator to wonder what really happened that night.  As he investigates, he learns the haunting is more pervasive than he realized.

Saturday Night Stories

Listen if you dare! Join us every Saturday at 8:30 p.m. on Facebook as PLYMC Librarians read selections from some of the scariest books ever written. Please note: Saturday Night Scares are scary stories for adults, and brave teens.  Stories contain mature themes, and may not be suitable for a younger audience.