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YA Book Reviews by Amy: Time Traveling

Science Fiction is not a genre I gravitate to often, but when I do, I love reading books that have a time traveling or time loop element. Even some of my favorite movies have time traveling in it like Back to the Future and Groundhog Day.

Time traveling is such a fun plot element: whether it is a romance that is divided by time or a high-stakes plot. Time loops can be frustrating at times but can be ultimately be rewarding when a positive outcome happens at the end. I always enjoy learning the rules that come along with time traveling determined by the author.

Here are some of my favorite time traveling YA novels!

Passenger by Alexandra Bracken

Etta lives in current day Manhattan and dreams of becoming a professional violinist. One night, Etta witnesses the death of her mentor, she is thrust into a world she does not know: she is no longer in Manhattan and no longer in this century. She wakes up on a boat and meets Nicholas. Etta discovers that her mother had hidden an astrolabe and Etta’s mother was determined to keep the device away from Cyrus Ironwood, a man that wants to collect all the travelers and rule over them. Can Etta and Nicholas read and find all her mother’s clues through different time periods and countries?

This was such a fun read! I was so pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed this book. Etta was an entertaining main character and her relationship with Nicholas was really sweet. The time travel aspect of this book was a lot of fun and made this story read a lot like a historical fiction.

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A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray

Marguerite’s parents have created a device called The Firebird that allows the user to travel between universes. When her parents are murdered and The Firebird is missing, Marguerite believes that the killer is their assistant and her secret crush, Paul. She travels with a prototype to find Paul in the multiverses, but always jumps into that new version of herself (and she can only travel to the universes that she is alive). Can she find Paul and avenge her family?

While this is not particularly a clean-cut time-traveling story, but with the multiverse jumping gives the affect of time traveling. This was a very fun series that I was invested in throughout reading it. I highly recommend this book.

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Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs

Jacob grew up listening to fantastical stories that his grandfather would tell about children with mysterious powers. Jacob believed that they were only stories, not that it could possibly real. When Jacob travels to Wales with his father, he finds a home that was once an orphanage, at it appears that these children are not only different, but they are from a different time than current day. Stuck in a time-loop that only ends in death and restarts to only happen again, can Jacob save Miss Peregrine’s home for peculiar children?

Originally conceived by Ransom Riggs collecting old and creepy photographs that he found, this tale of a found family stuck in a time-loop was entertaining. I enjoyed that this book began as a contemporary and turned into a fantasy.

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Time Between Us by Tamara Ireland Stone

Bennett is able to time travel and ends up in 1995 Chicago. There he meets Anna, they become friends and fall in love. Bennett is actually from 2012 San Francisco and is afraid that he may not be able to stay with Anna and be bumped back into his proper time. Will their love last or will they be pulled apart by time?

This was a really cute romance with consequences and a twist. This reads like any romcom movie; particularly it reminded me of the movie Somewhere in Time. I would suggest reading the sequel: Time After Time directly after reading this one to satisfy any cliffhanger anger!

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Ruby Red by Kerstin Gier

Gwyneth’s family have a gene that affects the female side that allows them to time travel. Gwyneth has been told her entire life that the gene will skip her and will go to her cousin Charlotte, who has been training her entire life to do everything correctly to keep the time-space-continuum running smoothly. Gwyneth is more than okay with her normal life until she leaps into the past and realizes she is the one that should have been trained.

This was a fun trilogy that I enjoyed reading; the trilogy does follow one story, so you will want to continue with Sapphire Blue and Emerald Green to know what happens with the characters. I really felt that all three books could have been condensed into one book; this was written during the time that it seemed like trilogies were thing. Overall, if you like romance and time traveling, then this book is for you.

Available as an eAudiobook on Overdrive and Hoopla.

Opposite of Always by Justin A Reynolds

For Jack, life begins with meeting Kate— a smart, kind-hearted girl that will die within the next four months—every time. How does Jack know this? Because Jack is stuck in a time loop, one that begins with his meet-cute with Kate and ends with her death. Each attempt to save her life Jack risks his friendships with Jill and Franny, the two best friends a guy could need, his relationships with his supportive parents, and even his heart.

No one writes humor in sad situations like Justin A. Reynolds; at times I read it and laughed out loud moments and at other moments it would be heartbreaking. Jack’s easy humor with his friends and Kate’s connection with Jack feels authentically fun make this a good read.

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