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 Scratch Coding Tutorial

coding for kids

Do you want your kids to continue learning while they are out of school, but they just want to play games? Why not do both?! is a website that is an invaluable resource for anyone who wants to learn to code. It was created by MIT’s Media lab and launched in 2007. The visual coding blocks allow first time users to quickly get the hang of creating simple programs. With scratch, it’s easy to learn coding basics such as algorithms, logic, and troubleshooting.



Using the video tutorial above, you can create your first scratch program. You can create an account, if you want to save your work, or you can just play around. Follow along to make your sprite dance along the screen and add any changes that you want! You can’t mess up and there’s no right or wrong. This is a beginners look into scratch, but if you are interested in learning more, check back to see more blogs and tutorials!


Born in the Mahoning Valley and lived in Washington D.C and Pittsburgh. I love learning new skills and cultivating hobbies. I’m usually sitting in front of a computer, which is my favorite place to be. I love teaching coding, 3d design and getting people of all ages to enjoy technology. You can see me at the Austintown and Michael Kusalaba libraries.