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10 Ways to Encourage your Non-Reader to Read!

Boy Reading Book
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Have you ever wondered how you can “trick” your child into reading? If so, you’re in the right place! Listed below are 10 ways to encourage your child to read. Read the list and see if one or more of these ideas will work for your child!    


  • Start small. Opportunities to read are everywhere; driving in the car and even at the grocery store! While driving, point out road signs and challenge your child to the license plate game. Click here to learn how to play! While grocery shopping, encourage your child to read the grocery list and find the items! 

  • Does your child eat cereal for breakfast? If so, challenge them to read the cereal box! Check out this blog for more information and ideas about using cereal boxes to encourage reading.   

  • Cook with your child! Encourage them to read the recipe and the ingredients being used! This is also a great way to practice math skills!   
  • Check out these cookbooks for kids!  

  • Try using non-traditional reading materials. Some examples include newspapers (the comic section is a great place to start), magazines, graphic novels, and joke books.  
  • Click here to view a graphic novel book list on Bibliocommons.   


  • Electronic reading is still reading. If your child isn’t interested in reading a paper book, try a digital one! There are so many eBooks available for checkout on  Overdrive and Hoopla! 


  • Encourage your child to listen to an Audiobook and/or a Book on CD. One of my favorites is Rick Riordan’s Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard: The Sword of Summer! Click here to see if it is available at your local library!  


  • For information on how audiobooks can help improve literacy click here! 

  • Use online resources to conduct research. If your child is interested in Polar Bears, allow them to do research on a computer, laptop, or any other device! National Geographic Kids is a great place to start!  

  • Have your child read and play games on ABCya!. To get started, try out the games below!  
  • Molly’s Magic Adventure: Join Molly on her magical adventure in search of the rainbow! Children will get to choose what path Molly takes, as well as other fun things along the way in this interactive create-your-own adventure activity. 
  • Storymaker: ABCya! Storymaker is a fun and easy way for children to create and print short stories. An intuitive interface makes it simple for kids to add words, pictures and pages. Students can print or save their stories with just a few clicks! 

  • Have your child read and play games on BookFlix. You can access BookFlix for free through the library. To do so follow these simple steps: Go to the library’s website,, highlight RESEARCH in the blue bar, click online resources, click on the letter B and search for BookFlix!  

  • Watch a movie with subtitles. It can be a new movie or one of your child’s favorites. Turn the volume down just a smidge and encourage your child to read along!