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Math + Art = Pi Day (or Any Day!) Fun

Pi Day Activity
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Children do not need to be advanced mathematicians to celebrate Pi Day. This easy math art project is easily adaptable for kids of all ages. The only skills necessary are counting to 9coloring mostly in the lines, and some creativity. 



½ inch graph paper 

Black marker or crayon 

Crayons, markers, watercolors, chalk, or colored pencils 


Step 1: 

Print out ½ inch graph paper. Older children can use smaller graph paper (1/4 inch or 1/8 inch) and make longer skylines. 

Step 2: 

Working horizontally, write the numbers of pi to label each column. For the paper above, you can go 17 decimal places.  


However, pi is an irrational number that is never ending and non-repeating, so this project will work with any graph paper you choose.  


Step 3: 

Count 3 squares in the first column and color black. Continue counting and coloring the remaining columns. This creates your pi skyline. 

For very young learners, grownups can help by counting with their child and creating an outline for them to color. 


Step 4: 

Be creative and draw your sky. You can use colored pencil, markers, crayons, water colors, or chalk. Whatever you have on hand. It can be day or night, any colors you choose.  Mix and blend your colors until it is just how you want it to be.  


This one is inspired by a painting by Vincent VanGogh called Starry Night. 

Step 5: (optional) 

Trim off the white border and glue to a piece of construction paper. Display and enjoy. 

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