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At Home Ideas to Enhance Learning for Elementary Schoolers: Spelling

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Whether your child is back in school full-time, a combined virtual/school learner or an all virtual learner, you may be thinking of ways to build on their education at home. A lot of the resources that you may see in the classroom cost money. I would like to give you ideas that you can try with your children in the different subject areas that you can make for free, that are already sitting in your home, or that are at a very nominal cost.  

This blog will focus on some the fun and different ways you can help your child work on their Spelling words. We all know about ABC order and 3 times each, but what other things can we do at home to help our children master those spelling words?  

Magnetic or Foam Letters, Alphabet Blocks, Scrabble Pieces, Printable Alphabet

You may have these already in your home, whether it be alphabet blocks or foam bath letters from when your child was a baby or the letters from the game Scrabble. Having them search for the correct letter in the word and putting them in order can be very helpful for more visual learners. Or work on your child’s cutting skills as well as their letters by printing out the alphabet and cutting out the letters to make cards. Keep in mind that you might need more than one set of letters to spell out the words. Ex. You may need scrabble pieces and alphabet blocks to spell the word LIBRARY because you will need two R’s. 

Use Their Sensory Skills

There are many things we can find in our homes that can be used for a more sensory learner. Spray some shaving cream on the table and spread it in a thin layer, then have your child write their word in it. Smooth the shaving cream out to write the next word. Put sand or soil from the dollar store into a large Ziploc bag, spread it out and have your child write the word. Shake it up to “erase” the word. Make homemade playdough or clay and have them roll out their letters and form the words or have them pound the dough out flat and etch the words using their finger or anything you may have lying around with a dull point. They can then ball the dough up and smooth it out again for the next word. Learn how to make Playdough at home.

Trace/Write the Words in Rainbow Colors Using Different Writing Tools

Most of us have different types of writing tools lying around (Markers, crayons, chalk, water paint, highlighters etc.) Have your child use a different type of writing tool each day to change it up at bit. Write your child’s spelling list in basic black marker and your child can trace the words with the different art/writing tools. You can make it harder as the week goes on by omitting letters that your child has to fill in on their own with the goal of writing the entire word themselves by the end of the week. Just by changing the tool they are using to write their words or putting more creativity into it by changing the colors, will make something that used to be dull and repetitive more enjoyable. 

Create Your Own Crossword Puzzle or Word Search

There are many free online tools like Discovery Education puzzle maker and CommonCoreSheets spelling maker, that allow you to input your child’s spelling words and create words searches, scrambles, crossword puzzles, etc. All you need is your child’s current spelling list and a computer. We can always help you print these out, if needed, at the library.