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Bird Watching Trading Cards

Young boy bird watching
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Time to go outside

Kids love to explore, and what better way to send them out of doors than to send them out looking for birds!

Finding birds near you

The easiest way to find birds is to listen.  They can be found both in the city and out in the countryside, as well as parks and in your own yard.  Many species like to be near bodies of water, so keep that in mind when looking for ducks and swans.

Identifying species

Besides using the attached trading cards below (which you can print and cut out!), an easy way to identify bird species is by using an app.  The Audubon Bird Guide is a free index of over 800 North American birds that you can keep handy in your pocket.  The bird guide allows you to enter all you just observed: its color, size, tailfeathers, etc.  Then the guide will narrow down a list of possible matches for your location and date in real time.  Even better, it will play the bird’s songs and calls, show multi-season range maps and provides in-depth text about them.

You can use the app or keep a written list of all birds you encounter.  This will begin a life list for your child that will keep the explorer in them going on and on!

Find birds at the library

Birds. By Julie Beer.  A fact filled guide to common birds of North America including maps, identification tips and bird-watching activities.

Birds. By David Burnie.  A natural history handbook for children produced in conjunction with the Smithsonian Institution.

Bird Watch. By the editors of Storey Publishing.  Basics of birding, identifying common birds and learning about habitats and migration.

Bird Watching Trading Cards

Click on the bird trading cards link to view your bird trading cards.  Print them out and carefully cut out each square.  Learn all about birds and share with your friends and family!